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How To Properly Use an IVF Due Date Calculator

For many women, calculating their due date is a fun and exciting part of the fertility process.  It can be exciting to think that in just 9 months, you’ll be holding a baby.  Tools such as an IVF due date calculator can help you to pinpoint your due date as well as important milestones.

Due Date CalculationIVF due date calculator

For many women, calculation of a due date is an estimation.  Traditional due date calculation is based upon a 28 day cycle.  However, many women have cycles that vary greatly from this estimate.  Because of that, using the last monthly menstrual cycle isn’t a 100% accurate way of determining due date. 

IVF Due Date Calculator

An IVF due date calculator bases the due date on the day of fertilization.  Unlike with other conception methods, women who undergo IVF treatment with a fresh transfer know the exact day their eggs were fertilized.  For a fresh embryo transfer, use an IVF due date calculator with the exact date of fertilization.  The calculator will determine your due date by adding 266 days to the day of fertilization.

This process may also be done with frozen embryo transfer.  In this instance, take the transfer date and subtract the age of the embryos.  If five day embryos are being transferred, back up five days.  Again, the due date calculator will calculate due date based on fertilization.

Other Uses

For women who have not yet begun IVF treatment, a due date calculator is a good way to pinpoint their most fertile days.  This may be done by inputting the last date of your menstrual cycle and the average length of your cycle.  When used in tandem with ovulation predictor kits, due date calculators can identify a woman’s most fertile window.  

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