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Mini-IVF™ Success Rates in NYC

An innovative and holistic approach to infertility treatment - Mini-IVF™ - is an alternative to Conventional IVF. Through customized IVF treatment plans prescribing low doses of fertility medication, New Hope Fertility NYC offers a more holistic approach to fertility care. The NYC fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility Center are pioneers of the Mini-IVF™ protocol and have achieved pregnancy success rates comparable to Conventional IVF treatment. 

Customized Mini-IVF™

Mini-IVF™ offers an individualized approach to IVF care. As opposed to administering large doses of fertility medication to stimulate the production of a large number of eggs, every patient is prescribed the specific dosage necessary to produce between three and five eggs. While the number of eggs retrieved during a Mini-IVF™ is less than that of a conventional protocol, the goal is to retrieve high quality eggs suitable for fertilization and production of high-grade embryos. High quality embryos have a greater chance of implantation and a successful pregnancy outcome.


Mini-IVF™ Excellent Pregnancy Success Rates ivf-embryos-today-151020-tease_d3a629ca885105ca234bb4a6206be322.jpg

Throughout the process each woman is closely monitored through blood work and ultrasound.  Consistent monitoring allows doctors to adjust fertility medications as necessary to generate quality eggs.

Mini-IVF™ protocol includes:

  • Regulation of the patient's cycle
  • Prescription of limited fertility medication to stimulate egg production
  • Monitoring throughout the patient's cycle via blood work and ultrasound
  • Direction on self-administration of hCG trigger injection to time egg retrieval with ovulation
  • An outpatient surgical egg retrieval procedure
  • Fertilization of the harvested eggs in culture
  • A fresh embryo transfer

Mini-IVF™ cycles at New Hope Fertility NYC promote a single-embryo strategy (unless otherwise requested by the patient) to avoid the health risks of multiple pregnancies. The pregnancy success rates for our Mini-IVF™ treatment is excellent.


Mini-IVF™ Specialists

Contact the Mini-IVF™ pioneering doctors and IVF specialists at New Hope Fertility NYC and discover if this innovative holistic protocol can help you conceive through IVF process. It is important to work with a fertility care team who specializes in holistic IVF protocols. Customized IVF care at New Hope, IVF NYC clinic in NYC offers the highest success rates and best overall patient satisfaction.

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