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Are There Injectable IVF Medications Available

IVF drugs play an integral in increasing and supporting a woman’s fertility.  Injectable IVF medication are often the second line of drugs prescribed when it is believed a woman needs additional support ovulating so that she can become pregnant.  While injectable medications are effective, there are real side effects associated with taking them.  Therefore, New Hope Fertility Center believes the best approach is to limit the amount of injectable medication whenever possible.

2015-14Minimal Stimulation Approach

At New Hope, it is believed that a woman’s natural fertility is the best foundation for her fertility care.  The first step with every patient is to first understand their body and her unique needs.  Once that is done, a fertility care plan can be created that meets, but does not exceed those needs. 

Injectable IVF drugs can play a role in minimal stimulation care, but those medications are often used in low quantities.  The goal is to produce high quality eggs, which are most likely to result in pregnancy, without overusing fertility medication and minimizing discomfort. 

Use of Injectable IVF Drugs

In conventional IVF protocols, injectable IVF medications are used in order to promote the maturation of a large number of eggs.  The goal with the conventional IVF is to harvest a high number of eggs, with the understanding that a number of these eggs will not be suitable for fertilization.  Typically, between 20 and 60 doses of injectable medication is used during a cycle in order to receive three to five eggs that are viable and able to be used for fertilization.

In minimal stimulation IVF protocols, the amount of injectable IVF medication used is dependent on a woman’s needs.  The goal of a minimal stimulation protocol is to target the eggs that mature in order to produce between three and five eggs that are all of a high quality. Typically, a minimal stimulation protocol uses between one and three doses of injectable medication.  This increases quality and decreases discomfort from side effects.

For additional information on how information on how injectable IVF drugs can be used during a minimal stimulation cycle, contact the experts at New Hope today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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