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Which Natural Fertility Treatment Options Are Most Effective?

Natural fertility treatment options are growing in popularity.  Women who wish to avoid fertility medication or who do not respond well to fertility medication can find effective treatment options without the use of fertility medication.  The most effective method of treating fertility issues without medication is Natural Cycle IVF.


Natural cycle IVF takes a new approach to traditional IVF care.  Instead of artificially enhancing a woman’s fertility through the use of drugs a natural cycle is based upon a woman’s natural cycle.  The goal is the creation, harvest and fertilization of one, high quality egg.  After all, one good egg is all it takes to start a pregnancy. 

There are a number of advantages to a natural cycle:

  • The cycle is more comfortable due to a lack of side effects resulting from fertility medication
  • There is no need to wait between cycles, or between harvest and implantation as the uterine lining has not been disturbed by fertility medication
  • Eggs produced without the use of fertility medication are typically healthier and of a higher quality than eggs harvested with the assistance of fertility medication

As an added benefit, the cost of natural IVF care is less expensive than traditional IVF protocols due because of the absence of medication. 

Natural cycle IVF is well suited for women who:

  • Wish to avoid the side effects of fertility medication
  • Are poor responders
  • Are unable to produce multiple eggs during a single cycle
  • Have a holistic lifestyle and approach to medical services

When reviewing fertility success rates there a few things to keep in mind:

  • Published success rates are based on traditional IVF care
  • Success rates are based on women who are seen as good candidates for IVF care

If you do not fall into these categories, ask potential fertility centers about their success rates with alternate IVF methods.

New Hope Fertility Center focuses on providing more natural fertility treatment options to their patients.  Their more holistic treatment protocols have success rates that rival that of traditional IVF care when the number of embryos transferred are equalized. For additional information on natural fertility treatment options, contact the experts at New Hope Fertility Center today.


Looking for information on natural fertility treatment? Read here. 

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