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5 Ways to Avoid the Holiday Sugar Cravings!

Fertility is largely dependent on your overall health. The better you eat and take care of yourself, the higher your fertility levels. One of the biggest hurdles to being at a healthy weight is eating too much sugar. Sugar is added to many items we eat, including ones that are often not thought of, like ketchup. Cutting sugar from your diet can improve energy and improve fertility cycles. Kicking the sugar habit can be difficult. Our doctors recommend these ways to avoid sugar cravings below can help you to kick the habit for good.

Ways to Avoid Sugar Cravings

Give it Time health tips for fertility

Often the best way to give up sugar is to do so cold turkey. The first few days of doing so can be tough. It is at this time that your body will want sugar the most. After the initial 3 day period, the cravings typically become less severe and less frequent. Pushing through the initial period and giving your body time to adjust is one of the best ways to avoid sugar cravings.

Indulge a Little

One of the ways to avoid sugar cravings is to indulge a little. If you have a stubborn craving that will not go away, eating a small amount of sweets is often enough to curb the craving. Additionally, allowing yourself an occasional treat can avoid feeling like you’re punishing yourself. Try to limit treats to no more than 150 or 200 calories to avoid sabotaging your healthy eating.

Try an Alternative

If you’re craving a cookie, try eating something that is naturally sweet first, like dried fruit. This healthier option can help to avoid the crash after eating something sweet while giving your palate what it’s been craving. Having gum on hand can also help you to deal with a craving.

Have Healthy Snacks

Do you have sugar cravings at regular intervals? Try packing a healthier snack to chew on when you get the urge. It may be that your body needs something in between meals, even if it is not the sugary thing you’re craving.

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