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How Do I Treat High Levels of FSH

One of the key hormones evaluated during testing for fertility treatment is follicle stimulating hormone, commonly referred to as FSH.  This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and plays a key role in a woman’s cycle.  FSH is one of the hormones that helps to control when eggs mature within the ovaries, which ultimately results in ovulation.  When a woman’s FSH levels are above the normal range, she may have a low ovarian reserve, which can make becoming pregnant more difficult, even with fertility treatment.  


Many fertility centers use FSH as a factor in deciding if a woman is a good candidate for fertility treatment.  These centers may turn women that have elevated FSH levels away due to the belief that they are less likely to conceive.  The truth is that women with high FSH levels can become pregnant with the right treatment protocols. 

NYC’s New Hope Fertility Center believes that every woman deserves the chance to have a family.  The center does not turn away clients due to high FSH levels, her age or the number of eggs a woman can produce during a cycle.  By offering holistic approaches to IVF, the New Hope team is able to help many women achieve pregnancy even after they were turned away at other centers. 

The team at New Hope offers two holistic treatment options that focus on the quality of the eggs instead of focusing on retrieving a large number of eggs.

  • Natural IVF – Natural IVF monitors a woman’s cycle, then harvests and fertilizes the one egg that is produced naturally.  This cycle is safer and more comfortable for women due to the absence of fertility eggs.  Additionally, eggs produced naturally are the healthiest and are best suited for fertilization.
  • Mini IVF – Minimal stimulation IVF uses small amounts of fertility drugs in order to promote the growth of a small number of high quality eggs.  A combination of oral medication and a small number of injectable medications are prescribed based on each woman’s medical needs.  This protocol is ideal for older women, women who wish to avoid large doses of fertility medication and women who aren’t likely to produce a large number of eggs.

For information on the treatment of women with high FSH levels, contact New Hope today. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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