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What are Specialty Pharmacies and How to Choose the Right One

The use of fertility medication is often a major component of treatment for infertility issues.  Because the medications used in fertility care are specialized with a high cost, the best way to obtain them is through specialty pharmacies.  Specialty pharmacies are pharmacies that are focused on a specific group of medications.  Often, these medications are complex, require special handling, and are expensive.  By focusing on one group of medication, these pharmacies are able to successfully address the needs of a particular group of patients.  Due to their specialized nature, fertility medications are often obtained through specialty pharmacies.

Selecting a Pharmacy2015-10

Selecting the right pharmacy is different for each individual and based on their needs and insurance.  The checklist below can make selecting the right pharmacy for your fertility medication easier:

  • Insurance Coverage – For those with coverage for fertility medication, it is imperative that you select a pharmacy that is in network.  This allows you to maximize the benefits you receive from your policy while minimizing your out of pocket cost.  Selecting a pharmacy that is out of network can result in increased copayments or medications not being covered at all.
  • Cost – Cost is a major factor when considering pharmacies.  The cost of medication can vary dramatically between pharmacies.  Therefore, it is important to view costs and benefits.  For example, one pharmacy may have lower costs but a longer time to deliver.  It is important to balance both of these factors when selecting a pharmacy.
  • Timing – The decision to use a particular medication is often done on short notice.  This is because your fertility care team is making decisions based on how your body is reacting during treatment. Look for a pharmacy who is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and which has the ability to immediately overnight medication to meet your needs.  Investigate if you are responsible for the overnight fees or if that is something that is covered by the pharmacy.
  • Specialization – Look for a pharmacy that specializes in fertility medication.  These pharmacies are likely to have a full understanding of the importance of medications and may supply additional resources to assist you while using medication.

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