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When Should I Consider a Natural Cycle IVF

Natural cycle IVF is a new way of approaching in vitro fertilization without relying upon fertility medication.  Instead of pushing a woman’s body to produce multiple eggs, natural cycle IVF has the goal of retrieving “one good egg.”  That ideal egg is the one that a woman naturally produces during her monthly cycle.  There are many advantages to a natural IVF cycle which may make this protocol the right treatment option for you.

2015-16Candidates for Natural IVF

Natural IVF is a good fit for women who:

  • Do not want to use fertility medication or who want to avoid the side effects associated with prescription fertility medication
  • Are considered to be at an advanced age for fertility treatment
  • Are not likely to produce multiple eggs during a cycle, even with fertility medication

Women with high FSH levels or who have been refused treatment at other fertility centers often find a natural approach to be beneficial.

The Natural Difference

When compared by the number of embryos transferred, natural IVF cycles have success rates that rival that of conventional IVF.  This success is despite not using fertility medication and avoiding all of the side effects associated with taking fertility medication.  The absence of additional medication makes the cycle both safer and more comfortable. As an added benefit, the absence of fertility medication can make IVF treatment more affordable. 

When fertility medication is used, there is often need to wait between the egg harvest and the implantation, requiring a frozen transfer.  This is because fertility medication has a significantly negative effect on uterine lining.  Waiting between cycles provides time for the uterine lining to replenish without the use of fertility medication.  This step is not necessary during natural IVF cycles and the vast majority of natural cycle IVF procedures are done via fresh transfer.  Should a woman wish to wait, embryos can be frozen and stored until she is ready to have them implanted.

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