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Find Mini IVF Success Stories in New York City

Minimal stimulation IVF, commonly referred to as Mini IVF, is growing in popularity as a holistic approach to IVF treatment.  By focusing on egg quality, this gentle process is providing a number of mini IVF success stories.  Mini IVF can be used to address a number of both female and male related infertility issues.

Mini IVF Explained2015-23

Mini IVF takes an alternate approach to IVF.  Mini IVF does not use fertility medication to push a woman’s body to produce a large number of eggs.  This process often results in a large number of immature eggs being harvested and ultimately deleted.  Instead, small doses of fertility medication are given in order to gently stimulate the body to produce a small number of high quality eggs.  Those eggs are then fertilized, with the healthiest embryo being transferred directly into the mother’s uterus.

Success Stories

Because of the different approach to IVF, Mini IVF can provide success stories to a number of couples who would have been unwilling or unable to do traditional IVF treatment.  Individuals who can be successful through a minimal stimulation approach include:

  • People who are likely to develop OHSS and therefore need to avoid large doses of fertility medication
  • People who want to avoid or reduce the side effects of taking large doses of fertility medication
  • Those who are unable to produce a large number of eggs during a single cycle

Despite using less fertility medication, the success rate with minimal stimulation IVF is comparable to that of traditional IVF care.  This is done while having a more comfortable, more holistic approach and transferring a single embryo at a time.  

There are a number of IVF protocols available that can provide success stories.  The discussion about which approach to take should be held with your doctor as a part of building your treatment plan.  To find out how you can join a growing number of people who have mini IVF success stories, contact New Hope Fertility Center.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676.  Thank you.


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