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Fertility Center NYC - How New Hope's Unique Approach Is Changing People's Lives

New Hope Fertility Center NYC provides world class treatment with a focus on putting patients first.  Their practice is built upon the philosophy that by getting to know each woman’s specific needs, they are able to achieve high success rates while using a minimal amount of fertility medication.


The New Hope Difference

The medical care team at New Hope Fertility Center NYC aims to provide a more holistic, more comfortable and safer treatment experience for their patients without sacrificing success rates. This is done by first understanding each patient’s needs and creating a treatment plan that is tailored for her success. 

The team at New Hope believes on minimal stimulation fertility protocols.  While fertility medication is one of best tools a doctor can use to increase fertility, they should only be used to the extent of a woman’s needs.  The team believes that fertility medication should be used to enhance a woman’s natural fertility, not to replace it.

Patient Acceptance

Unfortunately, many fertility treatment centers turn away patients for a variety of reasons without attempting treatment.  Women with high FSH levels, are of an advanced age for fertility or are unable to produce multiple eggs during a cycle often find it difficult to locate a physician that will address their needs.  The New Hope team believes taking such a stance is wrong and deprives women with the ability to start a family.

New Hope does not turn away patients due to their FSH levels, inability to produce multiple eggs during a cycle or their age.  They evaluate each woman on a case by case basis and prescribe a treatment method that is best suited to address her specific concerns.  Evidence of this approach is New Hope’s “One Good Egg” policy.  The goal is to produce high quality eggs that are well suited for fertilization and pregnancy.  When the focus is on quality, it truly only takes one good egg to start a pregnancy, and to change lives.

Schedule an appointment today to learn how the team at New Hope Fertility Center NYC can provide the unique care you’ve been seeking.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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