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What is the Best Age to Try and Get Pregnant?

The truth is, there is no one best age to get pregnant. The right time for a woman to get pregnant is dependent on a number of factors and will vary between individuals. There are advantages and disadvantages to getting pregnant at any age. The doctors at New Hope Fertility Center in New York City gives insight on this topic.

Early Twenties pregnant in NYC

While a woman is in her early twenties, she at her peak fertility. Generally, women who are under 25 do not have issues with egg quality or with the number of eggs she has available. Furthermore, women who are under 25 are least likely to develop complications during pregnancy. Younger women are often less stable in their careers than older women, which can result in financial issues. Additionally, many women in this age group may feel as though they’re not yet ready for parenthood for a variety of reasons.

Late Twenties

Women in their late twenties also have high levels of fertility. The chance of having complications during the late twenties is only slightly lower than in the early twenties. Additionally, women who have children in their 20s are less likely develop certain cancers. On an emotional level, women in their late twenties are more likely to be established in a career and relationship and thus better prepared for parenthood.

Early Thirties

A woman’s fertility gradually begins to decline during this time, which can decrease fertility and make getting pregnant more difficult. However, women are still better equipped during this age to get pregnant naturally than women in their forties. There is a higher risk of developing complications. On the other side, this age is when many women feel comfortable enough with their status in life that they are ready to become parents.

Late Thirties

During a woman’s late thirties, her fertility begins to decrease rapidly. This results in difficulty getting pregnant and a substantially higher risk of developing complications. From an emotional standpoint, women in their late thirties are more likely to be financially secure and happy with their achievements before parenthood.


Women in their forties are still able to become pregnant with the assistance of fertility medication. There is a greater likelihood of complications.

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