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Cesarean Awareness Month - Pregnancy Test Reviews

Pregnancy tests are an integral part of the fertility process.  Without them, there’d be no way to know if your fertility treatment was successful and that you’re on the road to becoming a parent.  With so many choices available, it can be hard to know which test is best.  We’ve taken the wonder out of the selection process by reviewing pregnancy tests below.  Extra.B

The Reviewing Process

The first step in reviewing pregnancy tests is to understand what criteria the tests will be evaluated against.  There are three key aspects of pregnancy tests:

  • Accuracy / Sensitivity
  • Usability
  • Cost

Accuracy / Sensitivity

Pregnancy tests work by looking for the presence of hCG levels in urine.  The sensitivity refers to the minimum amount of hCG that is required to show a positive result.  The lower this number, the more sensitive the test is.   Ideally, you should look for a test with a sensitivity of 25mlU/hCG.  At this level, there is less likely to be a false negative due to hormonal changes.  Several tests fall into this sensitivity level:

  • Answer Early Result
  • Confirm 1-Step
  • Equate
  • First Response Early Result
  • Walgreen Digital


Usability breaks down into two categories.  The first evaluates how hard it is to take the test.  The second determines how easy it is to read the results. Many pregnancy tests can be taken by simply placing the test into your urine.  This can be done directly in the urine stream while using the bathroom or by first putting urine in a receptacle.  Other tests require users to drop urine onto a specific area on the test.  Look for a test that you believe you can use easily. 

Second, look at the box to determine how a positive result is shown.  Many tests use a plus sign to indicate a positive result.  Others display two lines to show a positive result or display the word “pregnant”.  Select a test that you’ll be able to interpret easily.


There is often a wide range of costs associated with pregnancy tests.  More expensive does not mean more sensitive, read the box in order to determine sensitivity before purchasing. Store brand tests are as effective as name brand tests, at a reduced cost.

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