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Is Natural Fertility as Successful as Normal Fertility

Natural fertility treatments can be just as successful, and even more successful, than their normal counterparts.  Additionally, natural fertility gives options to women who do not respond well to fertility medication.  One of the most popular natural methods of addressing fertility is with a natural IVF protocol. 


In vitro fertilization, commonly referred to as IVF, is an effective way of addressing both male and female infertility.  During an IVF cycle:

  • The woman’s eggs are harvested through microsurgery
  • The eggs are fertilized in a laboratory setting, with advanced techniques used to assist fertilization when necessary
  • The new embryosare monitored for quality and health, with the healthiest one transferred directly into the mother for implantation

During normal IVF treatment, fertility mediation is used to push a woman’s body to produce multiple eggs.   There is a severe effect on the body and a number of side effects can be experienced as a result of the medication.  Additionally, there is often a need to wait between cycles because of the negative effect fertility medication has on a woman’s uterine lining.  Furthermore, it is common for several of the harvested eggs to be of low quality and to be unsuitable for fertilization.

Natural IVF treatment addresses all of these issues.  As opposed to pushing a woman’s ovaries to produce multiple eggs, the goal of a natural cycle is to harvest one high quality egg.  That egg can then be fertilized and implanted into the mother.  This is accomplished without the use of fertility medication.  There are several advantages to a natural cycle including:

  • No discomfort from injecting fertility medication
  • Increased comfort due to the lack of side effects of medication
  • A treatment protocol that is less severe on the body
  • No need to wait between cycles
  • Retrieval of the highest quality egg, the one a woman’s body produces naturally
  • A treatment option for women who wish to avoid or are unlikely to respond to fertility medication

Contact New Hope Fertility Center to learn more about natural fertility options and how more holistic treatment protocols can be a part of your fertility treatment plan. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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