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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Someone Going Through Infertility Treatment

Presents.pngWomen going through infertility treatment have a range of emotions. The holiday season can be especially hard. Many holiday activities are focused on children or have a number of children in attendance. For a woman who is trying to conceive, it can be a reminder of the joy they haven’t yet received. Their friends and family know that she may not be feeling the holiday spirit, but still want to give a gift. The infertility treatment gift ideas below can help you to give your friend something that can help them during the holiday season

The Top 5 Infertility Treatment Gift Ideas

The truth is, the right gift is something that is personal and appeals to that person’s interests. The fact that someone is undergoing infertility treatment doesn’t change who they are at the core, even though they may be struggling.

  • Spa Gift Certificate – Going through infertility treatment can be difficult both physically and emotionally. Time at a spa can help a woman to relax while she gets pampered. It’s also a great opportunity for her to get some quiet time and to recharge.
  • Books – Is your friend an avid reader? Have you read something lately that you know she’d love? If so, a book can be a great gift. You can pair it with other small items or present it on its own. A gift card to a book store can also be a great choice.
  • Gift Basket – Does your friend enjoy scented soaps and lotions? A gift basket full of these items may be just what she needs. With a number of options available during the holiday season, you’re sure to find something to address her likes.
  • Girls Night Out – Treat your friend to a night out. Drinking and dancing works as does dinner and movie.
  • Ornaments – Give your friend a special holiday ornament that represents your friendship.

Unless you’re among the one in eight who’ve also struggled with infertility, stay away from things that are directly related to fertility treatment. Getting something treatment related from a person who has conceived easily can be taken the wrong way. Your infertility holiday gift ideas should be focused on the individual, not their treatment.

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