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Egg Freezing Parties are Becoming More Popular - What are they?

Egg freezing parties are the latest addition to the trend of women taking control of their own biological clocks.  The parties provide a safe, comfortable, relaxed environment where women can discuss their reproductive options.

Fertility and Age4.3

Men produce sperm on an ongoing basis from puberty until old age.  Women’s bodies are designed differently.  Every baby girl is born with all of the eggs she will ever have.  Her fertility begins at puberty and begins to decline after age 35.  Much of the decline in fertility can be attributed to the decreased quality of her eggs as a woman ages.  Egg freezing provides a way to stop the clock – by harvesting, freezing, and storing younger eggs until she is ready to start a family.

Fertility Preservation

Egg freezing and fertility preservation begins during a single cycle.  During that cycle, fertility medication is used to promote the production of multiple eggs.  Each woman is closely monitored to ensure the cycle is progressing as it should be and to allow the fertility care team to make adjustments as needed.  Once the eggs have reached maturity, they are harvested in an outpatient procedure, checked for quality and stored until a woman is ready to start a family.

Egg Freezing Parties

Egg freezing parties allow groups of women to get together and learn about their reproductive options.  Women are able to ask questions of medical professionals and learn about costs and how long an egg freezing cycle takes.  They are able to have discussions in order to fully understand the process and how egg freezing today can help build their families tomorrow.

Women choose to have children later in life for a number of reasons.  Some women wish to become established in their careers before starting a family.  Other women are waiting to be in the right relationship before having children.  For some, the choice to wait allows them to achieve their personal goals before becoming a mother.  Regardless of the reason, egg freezing provides women with a means to take control of their biological clocks.

To find out more about fertility preservation or hosting an egg freezing party, contact the experts at New Hope Fertility Center.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676.  Thank you.


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