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Why 30% of the World's Fertility Centers are Treating Women with the DHEA Supplement

As the field of fertility medicine evolves, researchers are finding new ways of improving fertility.  The newest approach involves the use of DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone.

DHEA Explained2015-9-1

Produced naturally in the body, DHEA is a key component of the production of hormones that impact fertility.  DHEA is a precursor to the hormones estrogen and testosterone.  Both of these hormones play key roles in reproduction.  The body produces DHEA continually, with the highest levels during a person’s 20s.  As a person ages, the levels of DHEA in their bodies decreases.  This decrease is also associated with decreased egg quality, fertility issues, and an increased likelihood of suffering a miscarriage. 

How DHEA Works

When taken as a supplement, DHEA can move the body to peak levels of DHEA.  This increase of DHEA in the body has proven to have a number of positive effects on fertility:

  • Increased egg quality
  • Increased number of eggs produced per cycle
  • Increased embryo quality including fewer embryos with genetic disease
  • Increased pregnancy rates with both IVF and natural conception
  • Fewer cycles needed to become pregnant
  • Decreased chance of having a miscarriage

Taking all of these issues into consideration, DHEA can significantly increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant during fertility treatment.

Ideal DHEA Patients

DHEA supplementing has been shown to improve outcomes for individuals whose natural levels of DHEA are low.  The goal of the DHEA is to return women to normal DHEA levels.  Women who should consider DHEA treatment include:

  • Women who are age 35 or older
  • Women who are diagnosed as having a decreased ovarian reserve

Taking DHEA

As with all supplements, it is important to speak with your doctor before taking DHEA.  Because DHEA is a precursor for hormones that affect fertility, it is important that your physician is aware.  DHEA can result in drug interactions or unexpected consequences when used with other fertility medication.

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