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Which Types of Tea Can Help Improve Fertility?

Nutrition plays a large role in health and fertility.  In fact, food can be used as medicine to naturally treat a number of conditions.  For those trying to start a family, there are a number of types of tea to improve fertility.  Using teas as a fertility treatment is a great way to holistically and naturally enhance your fertility.

Green Tea3.23

Green tea contains antioxidants that aid in natural fertility.  It is believed that the antioxidants work by repairing the damage in the body caused by stress, insufficient sleep, and poor eating habits.  Positive effects of the use of green tea where shown in a study in the American Journal of Public Health.  In this study, participants that drank more than 4 oz of green tea daily had double the rates of pregnancy than a control group.  It is important to note that green tea does contain some caffeine.

Vitex Tea

Vitex tea, also known as Chasteberry tea, is one of the most popular options for fertility enhancement.  Many believe that the tea works by helping to balance hormone levels in the female body.  It is also believed to help normalize the function of the putitary gland, which plays a large role in producing the necessary hormones to become pregnant.  This tea is often suggested for individuals with irregular ovulation and other fertility concerns.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Red raspberry leaf tea is believed to directly impact a woman’s reproductive organs including her uterus.  It is believed the tea is useful in strengthening her muscles thereby improving her fertility.

Things to Consider

Holistic treatment options can be a wonderful way to address fertility issues.  Women who are under a doctor’s care should discuss their holistic treatments with their doctors.  Some holistic methods can interfere with fertility medication which can alter your treatment.  Keeping your doctor fully informed will allow for adjustments to your fertility plan without jeopardizing success.

Contact New Hope Fertility Center for additional information on natural fertility techniques including types of tea to improve fertility.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676.  Thank you.


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