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Get Pregnant With Donor Eggs

One of the hardest things to deal with is learning that you are unable to get pregnant with your own eggs.  Regardless of the medical reason, being unable to get pregnant with your eggs does not have to stop your dreams of carrying and delivering a child.  Egg donation provides a way for you to have the family you’ve be dreaming of.


Where do donor eggs come from? 

Women who wish to help couples that are unable to get pregnant donate their eggs.  Before donors are accepted, they must go through an intensive screening process.  This process includes a thorough medical evaluation, medical history review, genetic testing and psychological evaluation.   

How is the selection process done?

Thanks to improvements in technology, there is no longer a need to synchronize the cycles of the egg donor and the recipient.  Today, egg donation is typically done through banking.  After a woman donates eggs they are frozen until they are matched with a recipient.

When a woman is ready for donor eggs, she is able to look through profiles of donors.  This way, women are able to select a donor that matches their wants and needs.  Recipients are able to select donors based on appearance, educational background, hobbies and interests or any other information that is available on their profile.

The egg banking center is able to advise of how many eggs are banked for us to allow recipients to plan for biological siblings.

Are donated eggs successful for pregnancy?

Donor eggs are a very successful way for achieving pregnancy.  Egg donors are between the ages of 18 and 28, resulting in eggs that are at the highest quality.  Additionally, eggs are frozen via the state of the art freezing method of vitrification.  Vitrification flash freezes eggs after adding a cryoprotectant.  This process virtually eliminates the chance of eggs being damaged.  Once thawed, donor eggs are as perfect as they were prior to freezing.

For additional information on the egg donation program at New Hope Fertility Center, contact them today. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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