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Is Egg Freezing Guaranteed to Work

Egg freezing allows women to preserve their fertility and extend their biological clocks.  While no method of fertility treatment has a 100 percent success rate, egg freezing using vitrification is extremely successful in preserving fertility.

shutterstock_127898261During a fertility preservation cycle, fertility medication is administered to promote the maturation of multiple eggs.  The goal is to produce multiple high quality eggs for preservation and storage until a woman is ready to start a family.  The steps of a fertility preservation include:

  • Medical testing to ensure each woman is a good candidate for the procedure
  • Creation of a treatment plan based on each woman’s specific medical needs
  • Monitoring throughout the cycle with blood work and ultrasound
  • Fertility medication to produce multiple eggs
  • Egg retrieval during an outpatient procedure
  • Review of the eggs for quality and viability
  • Freezing and storage of the eggs until a woman is ready to become a parent

Vitrification is a state of the art process for freezing eggs.  As opposed to slowly cooling eggs as in traditional methods, vitrification instantly reduces the temperature of eggs.  The fast speed of the freezing process and the use of a cryoprotectant virtually eliminates the likelihood of ice crystal formation, which can destroy eggs.  When vitrification is used, eggs have a 90 percent survival rate for the freezing and thawing process.  This success rate is significantly higher than the 55 percent success rate which is seen with traditional methods of egg freezing and storage. 

Fertility preservation is an extremely successful method of protecting a woman’s eggs until she is ready to start a family.  However, no method of fertility treatment can be fully guaranteed.  In fact, a fertility center that promises a 100 percent success rate during fertility treatment is unethical and should be avoided.

In order to have the best chance of starting a family with your stored eggs, it is important to select a fertility center that uses vitrification. New Hope Fertility Center, located in Manhattan offers state of the art methods of addressing fertility.  Their ongoing research, dedication to networking with industry leaders worldwide and holistic approach to fertility care sets New Hope apart as an industry leader.

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