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How To Determine If a Natural Cycle IVF is Right For You

Natural cycle IVF is a way to address both male and female infertility issues without the use of fertility medication.  Advances in fertility care have dramatically changed how fertility medications have to be used during fertility care.  Gone are the days where fertility medication is required in order to support fertility, thereby opening IVF treatment to a group of women that otherwise would have been ineligible for treatment. The following can help you to decide if natural cycle IVF is for you.


Fertility Medication

Do you wish to limit your exposure to or avoid fertility medication?  If so, a natural IVF cycle may be the right choice for you.  Natural IVF has the goal of retrieving and fertilizing, just “one good” egg, the egg your body produces naturally.  The absence of fertility medication allows for a more comfortable experience for the mother.

High FSH

Women with high FSH may have difficulty producing eggs even when fertility medication is used.  A natural cycle addresses this issue as there is no need to produce multiple eggs.  The goal is one, healthy, high quality egg, which can be produced naturally.  This protocol allows the fertility care team at New Hope Fertility Center to offer treatment options to women who have been turned away from other treatment facilities.  New Hope does not turn away women due to their FSH levels.

Holistic Lifestyle

People are increasingly turning towards a holistic lifestyle, where they are seeking alternatives to medication that may be seen as unnecessary.  Natural IVF addresses this concern.  An IVF cycle without fertility medication still addresses many of the causes of male and female infertility while maintaining a clean body.  Natural IVF provides a holistic way to receive fertility treatment without jeopardizing a person’s beliefs. 

Receive additional information on natural cycle IVF and other holistic approaches to fertility care by contacting the experts at New Hope Fertility Center today.  The New Hope team specializes in providing personalized care to each of their patients which reduces the need for fertility medication.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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