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What is a Hysteroscopy

Testing to identify the root cause of fertility issues is one of the most important aspects of the fertility treatment process.  A medical team is only able to provide a personalized a fertility treatment plan after they fully understand each client’s medical issues.  A hysteroscopy is an important part of fertility testing to find the cause for the difficulty conceiving. 

doctorWhat is a hysteroscopy?

A hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows your medical team to look inside of your uterus.  During the procedure a scope is passed through the cervix in order to examine and evaluate the uterus.  Abnormalities that are unable to be seen with other testing methods, including scarring, can be identified through this procedure. 

Why is hysteroscopy important for IVF treatment?

Recent studies showed that as many as 25 percent of the women who have unsuccessful IVF cycles had problems with their uterus.  Identifying and treating problems with the uterus can improve IVF success rates by as much as 45 percent.  Hysteroscopy is way that fertility doctors can ensure that they are treating their patients’ specific issues. 

What are the risks of the procedure?

There are few severe risks to having a hysteroscopy.   Infections have been reported in less than 0.4% of cases.   Additionally, less than one percent of cases have reported bleeding due to damage.    Some women report feeling bloated or having cramps for a short time after the procedure.   The low risk combined with the significantly improved IVF success rates make the procedure a no brainer.

What about other diagnostic tools?

During fertility testing there are number of procedures that can provide physicians with a look at the uterus.  While a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) and transvaginal ultrasound provide some insight on the anatomy of the uterus, a hysteroscopy provides the best views and is therefore this best diagnostic tool. 

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