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Debunking the Most Common Myths of Conception

Couples trying to conceive often arm themselves with a variety of information about the conception process.  They may quickly find themselves overwhelmed with all of the tips, tricks, and advice they receive about the process.  The problem then becomes knowing what is fact versus fiction.  Below, we debunk some common conception myths.

Myth #1 – Just Relax!Aug032015

This happily given advice is one of the things a couple hears most often while trying to conceive.  "Just relax and it’ll happen" is one of the most common conception myths.  While extreme levels of stress can impact the body, there is no research that shows that simply worrying about getting pregnant can delay the process.  It is normal to have concerns about your fertility and the length of time it takes to get pregnant.  You should discuss your concerns with a fertility professional if you feel the process to conceive is taking too long.

Myth #2 – Morning Intercourse is Best

This myth is slightly rooted in fact.  A man’s sperm levels are highest in the morning.  However, this alone does not influence conception.  A woman’s egg is able to be fertilized for 24 hours after ovulation.  Having intercourse during this period is important, no matter the time of day.

Myth #3 – Have Sex Every Day

Having sex every day can do wonders for your relationship.  However, it will not increase your chances of becoming pregnant.  In order to conceive, sex must coincide with ovulation which occurs once a month.  Sex outside of the fertile window that surrounds ovulation is just practice.

Myth #4 – Riding Bikes Makes Men Sterile

As with most fertility myths, there is a medical component to this one.  In order to function properly, a man’s testicles must be kept at a lower temperature than the rest of his body.  This is why they are located outside of the body.  While bike riding can hold the testicles close to the body, creating warmth, an occasional ride will not harm fertility.  Unless your partner is a professional bicyclist or is training for an upcoming long distance athletic event, bike riding is a great way to get exercise which can improve fertility.

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