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When is The Best Time To Freeze Your Eggs

Making the decision to freeze your eggs is an impactful as it helps to ensure you have healthy, high quality eggs available when you are ready to start a family.  Selecting when to freeze your eggs is an important decision. 

What is the ideal time to freeze eggs?

woman-egg-freezing-blogThe quality of a woman’s eggs begin to decline rapidly after age 35.  Because of this, fertility experts suggest freezing eggs as soon as possible.  This doesn’t mean that a woman at or above age 35 is not eligible to preserve her fertility.  There is no threshold for egg freezing, the truth is a woman who freezes eggs at 36 is more likely to become pregnant with those eggs at age 39 than she would using fresh eggs. 

If you want to have children but are waiting for the time to be right, regardless of the reason, it is time to consider freezing your eggs.  Socially, it is acceptable to wait until you’re ready to start a family.  Unfortunately, a woman’s biological clock is not aligned with this, which catches many women by surprise when they are ready to start a family.

How long does an egg freezing cycle take?

We understand that time is an important commodity to us all.  The actual cycle time for an egg freezing cycle is 2 to 3 weeks.  This includes the time from monitoring at the beginning of the cycle until the eggs are harvested during an outpatient procedure.   The procedure to harvest the eggs takes less than 15 minutes.  Recovery time is 2 – 3 hours in the office after the procedure.  Most women are able to go back to normal activity within a day or two without issue.

What types of visits are required?

Throughout the egg freezing cycle, you are required to go into the fertility center 3 times a week for monitoring via blood work and ultrasound.  The monitoring ensures the cycle is progressing as it should and allows the medical time to time ovulation.  The monitoring sessions may take as little as 15 minutes and can be worked into a busy schedule. 

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