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How To Determine The Best Age To Get Pregnant

For many women it is difficult to identify what the best age to get pregnant is.  Many women have to weigh having a family against pursuing their personal and professional goals.  The truth is, the best age to get pregnant is not the same for everyone. 

Biological Time-frame


Biologically, it is best for a woman to get pregnant before they turn age 35.  After this age the quality of a woman’s eggs begins to decline which can make getting pregnant more difficult. This decline continues year after year until a woman reaches menopause.  This biological situation results in a woman’s “biological clock.” 

Social Time-frame

Despite a woman’s biological clock, there may be social reasons why a certain age is better to get pregnant.  Some women may want to start a family as soon as they get married.  Other women may want to be established in their career or travel before having children.  Therefore, the best age to get pregnant is dependent on a woman’s life goals.  There is no right or wrong answer - it is important that each woman make reproductive decisions based on their specific situation. 

Stopping the Biological Clock

It is common for women who chose to have children later in life to worry about fertility.  Many women worry that their decision to wait to start a family can result in them losing the ability to have children in the future.  Thankfully, fertility preservation through egg freezing can substantially extend the number of years a woman is able to get pregnant. 

Egg freezing harvests and then stores a woman’s eggs until she is ready to use them.  Eggs may be stored for a number of years without damage when vitrification is used.  Vitrification is a freezing method that nearly eliminates the likelihood of damage due to ice crystals.  Once a woman is ready to start a family, the frozen eggs are thawed, fertilized, and deposited directly into the uterus via in vitro fertilization.  By freezing eggs at a younger age, women have a higher chance of conceiving.

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