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How To Explain Your Infertility to Your Family and Friends

When you’re having difficulty conceiving, it can be difficult to know what to say to your friends and family.  On one hand, you may want their support as you go through the process.  On the other hand, your fertility issues may be something you want to keep to yourself.  Explaining infertility to family and friends can be difficult and is a personal decision.  The steps below can help you to understand what communication style is best for your needs.

Decide What You Want to Share 2015-2

Every person is different and will have a different level of comfort sharing information.  Talk with your partner about what you both feel comfortable sharing.  It is not uncommon for both individuals to have different views on what information should be conveyed.  It is extremely important to respect each other’s wishes with this information.  Communicating details that the other person is uncomfortable with can cause undue stress in your relationship.

Decide What You Want to Say

Once you know what details you are comfortable sharing, you’ll need to consider how you’re going to communicate the information.  Many people are unfamiliar with the terms used during fertility treatment and may require additional information.  Rehearsing what you will say or writing down a few key points can be helpful.

Decide What You Want

After explaining infertility to family and friends, many people will ask what they can do to help.  Be prepared for this question and have honest answers.  If your goal is to have people stop asking when you’re going to have children – say that.  If you want someone to discuss your feelings with as you undergo treatment, let them know that as well.

Set Expectations

Fertility treatments can be difficult physically and emotionally.  Set expectations that there may be some things that you can’t do while undergoing treatment and that your schedule may be altered for treatment and medication.  There may be times when you don’t feel up to being social.  Making that known up front can help your friends and family through the process.

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