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Helpful Tips for Beating The Cold Weather Blues

After resetting clocks for the adjustment to daylight savings time, many people begin to feel different. Some individuals want to sleep more, do not feel up to social activities or may be craving food that isn’t healthy for you. Nearly 20 percent of Americans are impacted by SAD, seasonal affective disorder, which is commonly referred to the winter blues. To put it simply, your mood may be off due to a lack of sunlight. Which can also affect your fertility. Thankfully, you do not need to experience the winter blues until spring arrives. New Hope Fertility Center provides cold weather tips below that can help you to return to your normal self.

Take Vitamin D child-winter.png

One of the most important vitamin’s in the human body is vitamin D. Although the nutrient can be found in many foods, the primary way we receive it is through sunlight. Therefore, it is common for people to become vitamin D deficient during the winter months. Taking a supplement throughout the winter months can help to avoid this drop in vitamin D.

Stay Focused

Have you adopted a healthy eating plan? Are you working toward one of your life’s goals? Many people step away from their goals and healthy practices during the holidays. This is a mistake. Staying focused and motivated can actually help you to stay in a positive mood. In fact, people who had health habits are less likely to have days of feeling as though they’re depressed than their unhealthy counterparts.

Get Some Sunshine

Getting some sunshine does not mean you need to relocate to a beach in the Caribbean. What it does mean is that you should get outside during daylight hours. Even if it is just for a short period of time, or first thing in the morning, getting some sunshine is one of the most helpful cold weather tips for your mood.


Getting the motivation to exercise can be difficult during the winter months. However, staying on top of your fitness increases your energy levels and improves your mood. Consider outdoor winter activities or a new exercise class to get your exercise started.

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