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Why Women Are Putting Their Career Over Having Children

Biologically, woman are most fertile from puberty until age 35.  After age 35, the quality of a woman’s eggs begins to decline.  Egg freezing allows women to stop the clock, preserving healthier, higher quality eggs for when she is ready to start a family.  how-to-conceive

In decades past, many women started their families in their late teens or early twenties.  It was common for women to stay out of the workforce while they were raising their families.  In today’s society, women play a much larger role in the workforce.  It is common to see female managers, directors, vice presidents, and CEOs.  This change in societal norms also means that many women feel the need to further their career before they start their families.  Unfortunately, the time of a woman’s life where her body is best equipped to get pregnant is the same time where she can gain momentum professionally.  This doesn’t mean that a woman does not want children, in fact many women delay having children until they feel they can adequately provide for them financially. 

Egg freezing provides a way for women to preserve their fertility so they can achieve their career goals without sacrificing the ability to have a family.  Harvesting eggs early in a woman’s life ensures she has healthy eggs that are well suited for fertilization when she is ready to start a family.  

During an egg freezing cycle:

  • A woman undergoes medical tests to determine her ovarian reserves and identify any underlying fertility concerns.
  • Based on her specific needs, a woman is prescribed fertility medication to push her body to produce multiple eggs.  The goal is to harvest a large number of eggs in order to have an ample supply when she is ready to start a family. 
  • Once the eggs have reached maturity, they are harvested during an outpatient procedure.  The procedure takes less than 20 minutes and has a few hours of recovery time.  The woman is notified of how many eggs were harvested at this time.
  • The eggs are frozen and stored until she is ready for them.
  • A follow-up appointment is scheduled to ensure the woman’s body is healing correctly.

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