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Can Meditating Increase Your Chances of Becoming Pregnant

Fertility treatment is not limited to medication and medical intervention.  To have the best chance at success, fertility treatment should be done with a whole body approach that addresses the body, mind, and spirit.  When used during fertility treatment, meditation and pregnancy success rates have been shown to be highly related.

Meditation Explained2015-16

Many people have a warped view of what meditation is.  It is not necessary to chant or making noises.  In its simplest form, meditation is taking time to clear your thoughts, relax, and reduce stress.  Closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing can help to release stress.  Stress has repeatedly been shown to interfere with hormones in women which can delay or prevent ovulation. 

Fertility treatment can be stressful for both partners.  It can be easy to bottle up emotion and hold onto stress in an attempt to avoid conflict.  However, this tactic just delays the inevitable and results in a blow up later.  Meditation is something both partners can do together to relieve stress and open lines of communication.

Meditating for Fertility

In order to mediate, find a quiet, comfortable spot and sit down.  Then, take some time to clear your mind.  Focus not on breathing.  Resist the temptation to contemplate the things that worry or stress you.  Do not use this time to think of all of the “what ifs.”  Instead, focus on your breathing, simply inhaling and exhaling.  Relax your body and allow your body and mind to have some quiet. 

Many people are uncomfortable with the quiet initially.  Starting with meditation sessions of just a few minutes and increasing that time by a minute every day can help get you in the routine of meditation.   Some individuals find that white noise or nature sounds are beneficial for their meditation.  These meditation and pregnancy practices can be continued once you are pregnant and can help during delivery. 

For additional information on holistic treatments for infertility and how meditation and pregnancy rates are related, contact the experts at New Hope Fertility Center today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676.  Thank you.

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