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How to Cope With Infertility Stress During the Holiday Season

Couple-Looking-.pngCoping with infertility stress is difficult no matter what the season. It can become more difficult during the holiday season. In addition to not feeling as though you’re in the holiday season family gatherings are more frequent. Which can combine to create a unique situation for those who are having trouble while trying to conceive.

Coping with infertility stress during the holidays is possible, if you keep the following in mind:

It’s Okay to Say No

No is not a bad word. It is perfectly okay to say no if your calendar is full, if you’re uninterested in an event or if you just need some alone time. If you feel uncomfortable while thinking about an event or are dreading attending sit that event out. Protecting yourself and avoiding stressful situations is okay and is a great way for you to advocate for yourself.

Prepare in Advance

Holiday events with family mean that you’re more likely to get questioned about having children. Having an answer prepared in advance will save you stress and avoid the feeling that you’re on the spot. The type of answer you give will depend on how comfortable you feel about talking about your fertility struggles. Select answer that best fits your feelings and your relationship with that individual. There may be some individuals that you confide in, while others get a general answer. Also, try to keep in mind that generally speaking, the question asker is coming from a good place and does not intend to hurt you.

Support System

While going through fertility treatment, it is important to have a support system of individuals who you can speak freely with. Use this team to vent, laugh, cry and share with. They can help you decide to stay away from an event and may be instrumental in reminding you all of the things that you can be thankful for in the meantime.

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