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Explaining The Egg Freezing Process and Related Pricing

Fertility preservation is growing in popularity as a means for women to take control of their biological clock.  More and more women are looking into egg freezing process and pricing as a way to prolong their fertility.  In fact, companies in the technology industry have begun to offer egg freezing as a benefit to female employees, allowing women to focus on their careers without worry that they are sacrificing their ability to have a family in the future. 


New York’s New Hope Fertility Center is on the cutting edge of fertility care and is rated among the top fertility centers in the country.  New Hope was among the first to use vitrification, a process with a 98 percent survival rate, to freeze eggs.  Their egg freezing process and pricing is listed below:

Egg Freezing Process

The egg freezing process begins with testing to ensure that a woman is a good candidate for fertility preservation. Once verified, the fertility preservation cycle begins on the first day of a woman’s period.  At this point, lab work including blood work and ultrasound is scheduled to monitor the progress of the cycle.  At the appropriate time, each woman is instructed to take fertility medication with doses and timing that fit her exact medical needs.  The monitoring allows the fertility care team to determine when eggs are mature and ready to be harvested.  At this point, a trigger medication is prescribed that allows for timing and predicting ovulation. 

Just prior to ovulation, the eggs are retrieved in an outpatient procedure under local anesthetic.  The retrieved eggs are reviewed for quality, then frozen using vitrification.  A woman will have a follow up appointment to ensure her body is healing as expected and to review the cycle.

Egg Freezing Pricing

At New Hope, an egg freezing cycle is $6,400. This amount does not include the cost of fertility medication which can range between $0 and $1,500 per cycle.

For additional information on egg freezing process and pricing, contact the fertility care team at New Hope Fertility Center. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

Read here for information on egg freezing and the cost of fertility preservation. 

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