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How to Find Help in NYC During Your Infertility Treatments

The emotional side of infertility treatment is complex. For those with fertility issues, it can be difficult to navigate all of the emotions about having fertility struggles while remaining optimistic about their own fertility treatments. Managing the emotional side of NYC infertility treatments is a must. The team at New Hope Fertility Center understands this and therefore provides many supportive services to help their clients throughout the fertility treatment process.

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New Hope Fertility Center is the industry leader in the treatment of fertility issues in NYC. They are able to achieve high success rates while using significantly less fertility medication. This is possible due to a focus on providing complete support, both physically and emotionally, in a way that is tailored for each individual.

Support Options

There are a number of ways patients at New Hope can receive assistance. The first is through support groups. Many people undergoing fertility treatment feel as though they are alone in their journey. The truth is that as many as one in eight couples will experience fertility issues. However, these issues are often not discussed openly. Support groups provide an opportunity for those facing fertility treatments to speak with others who are in similar situations. The groups are led by a fertility doctor and provide a safe place to talk through emotions. Additionally, the support sessions can address issues couples are experiencing due to infertility treatment, such as communication problems. Second, one on one sessions are available with a physician to work through the emotional aspect of fertility treatment. Third, other supportive services such as yoga for fertility and acupuncture are offered to clients to help them achieve balance both emotionally and physically during fertility care. It is truly important to address the emotional side of fertility care. Failing to deal with these emotions can result in undue stress which can negatively impact fertility treatment.

For additional information on receiving support during NYC infertility treatments, contact a member of the New Hope Fertility Center team. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.

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