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When is the Best Time To Get Pregnant

It can be difficult to know how to pregnant at the “right” time.  There are two ways to look at the best time to get pregnant.  The first is based on a woman’s biological clock.  With this method, deciding how to get pregnant at the right time is easy.  Biologically, women are best equipped to become pregnant before age 35.  After this point, a woman’s natural fertility begins to decline along with the quality of her eggs.  


The second method is based on a woman’s specific goals.  Each woman has to decide for herself how to get pregnant at the right time.  This time frame may be based on being in the right relationship, travelling the world or reaching professional milestones. 

Fertility preservation provides a way for women to become pregnant when they are ready to start a family.  By freezing her eggs, a woman can preserve her fertility until she is ready to start a family. During a fertility preservation cycle:


  • Tests are performed to ensure the woman is a good candidate for fertility preservation
  • Depending on her specific medical needs, fertility medication is prescribed to stimulate the production of multiple eggs
  • A woman is monitored through the use of blood work and ultrasound to evaluate progress
  • Once the eggs have reached the appropriate level of maturity, they are harvested in an outpatient procedure
  • The eggs are evaluated and those that are suited for pregnancy are frozen using vitrification and stored until a woman is ready to have children. 

Women can rest assured their fertility is being preserved due to the use of vitrification for egg freezing.  Vitrification is a state of the art method of freezing eggs that produces survival rates of 98 percent.  This stands in stark contrast to the 55 percent survival rate that is seen with traditional methods of freezing eggs.

Speak with a fertility specialist about how to become pregnant at the right time.  The experts at New Hope Fertility can answer questions you have about fertility preservation and schedule an appointment with a fertility expert. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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