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How to Choose An OBGYN for Your Delivery

Choosing an OBGYN for your delivery can be daunting.  After transitioning from fertility care, you’ll need a doctor to continue with through your pregnancy and ultimately your delivery.  It’s important to find an OBGYN who you are comfortable with and whose philosophies on treatment align with your own.

The questions below can make the process of choosing an OBGYN for your delivery easier:2015-22-1

How will your health impact your pregnancy and labor?

Certain medical issues can result in a pregnancy being seen as high risk including high blood pressure and diabetes.  If you have any underlying health concerns, look for an obstetrician who handles high risk pregnancies.

What are your philosophies for care for labor and pregnancy?

Are you looking for a natural labor with little medical intervention?  Would you be more comfortable in a hospital setting with monitoring?  Ask potential obstetricians about their philosophy regarding labor and delivery.  Selecting a doctor with philosophies that are different than your own can lead to frustration.

Are you comfortable with the doctor?

Pregnancy can be stressful and it is normal to have questions.  Select a physician you feel comfortable with.  Having concerns and feeling like you’re unable to talk with your doctor is a bad combination.

Is having the same doctor important for your delivery?

In large practices, it can be difficult to say which physician will deliver your baby.  It is likely determined by who is on call for that day.  Smaller practices may specify a particular doctor for delivery.  If that’s the case, be sure to ask about contingency plans should your doctor be available.

Which doctors accept my insurance?

Insurance can cover a significant amount of the cost for prenatal care and delivery.  In order to minimize the amount you’ll have to pay out of pocket, be sure to select a doctor that is in-network for your insurance.  You can contact your insurance provider for a list of doctors that accept your insurance in your area.

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