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10 Foods that Can Aid in Fertility [Guest Post]

pregnancy-healthy-foodBefore you begin looking at expensive supplements to help enhance your fertility, the foods you eat may play a dominant role when it comes to having a baby. Our bodies react to the nutrients that are consumed and some foods motivate our bodies to perform specific tasks. Providing yourself with a healthy diet is more than simply losing some weight or keeping in shape. What are some foods that you can try that encourages fertility?

1. Spinach - Additional plant proteins of any kind are beneficial to helping fertility. Studies have shown that an increase of proteins from plants have helped in fertility processes and few plants can compare to the nutrient rich spinach. However, any real plant protein can have the same effect.

2. Liver - While it may not sound appealing, a single serving of liver can provide the same amount of proteins and nutrients than eating red meat 30 days straight. It's just not a very appealing dish for everyone. Aside from being one of the most nutrient rich foods you could ever consume, liver is heavy in choline. Choline is an imperative nutrient needed for fertility and fetal development. Heavy in zinc as well, liver can help the production of "quality" eggs within your body.

3. Salmon - Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids. These are the good fats that your body can use for a variety of purposes. Studies have shown that women who are infertile have far less omega-3s in their diets.These fatty acids regulate hormones within the body. The more regulated the hormones are, the easier it is to get pregnant.

4. Tuna - Tuna is another fish that is high in omega-3s. Not only is tuna good for you, but it's relatively cheap and easy to add to nearly any dish you're cooking. A tuna sandwich topped with raw spinach leaves could make for a great lunch. Like salmon, any food that is dense with omega-3 fatty acids help hormone production in order to increase fertilization.

5. Full-Fat Ice Cream - Yes, regular ice cream can be beneficial to ovulation. Not only does a Harvard study conclude that it increases your fertility over low-fat substitutes, but it could also provide a bit of calcium to your diet as well. Calcium is beneficial to prepare yourself and your fetus;a study by Jorge E. Chavarro, MD demonstrated that women who ate high-fat dairy foods were 72 percent less likely to develop ovulation problems.

6. Wild Trout - Like most fish, trout has a high level of omega-3s as well as other proteins you will need. It also has a good level of vitamin D to promote estrogen and cell growth.Vitamin D is also found to reduce fibroid tumors - which are associated with infertility, miscarriages and early labor symptoms.

7. Eggs - Adding eggs to your diet can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. In this case, we are looking for the vitamin E that is present in order to promote fertility.While the vitamin E assists in preparing the body for ovulation, eggs are also a good source of choline for the development of your fetus.

8. Carrots - Beta-carotene is another aspect that many people overlook when trying to get pregnant. One of the best sources of this component is carrots. However, spinach is another method that is also high in beta-carotene as well as many other minerals. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that reduces the radicals that are roaming free in your body which can damage the DNA of eggs and sperm. Increasing your levels of this element can help strengthen that DNA allowing the eggs and sperm to fertilize properly.

9. Citrus Fruits - Oranges and the like are loaded with folate, which contributes against birth defects. The antioxidants involved in fruits are also beneficial for reproductive health as well as stabilizing your own general systems. Stabilizing your own body prior to ovulation will greatly help the onset of pregnancy as your body isn't competing with itself in order to be regulated.

10. Iodine - Levels of iodine assist in the production of sex hormones. Seafood, coconut, eggs, kelp and more contain levels of iodine in order to promote fertility. Spinach and seaweed can also be beneficial in this case. Although increasing your iodine levels can be beneficial to the hormones related to sex, a stable and healthy body can vastly increase the chances of pregnancy. Simply eating one meal may not provide the expected results. A proper diet could take several days if not weeks to perform the intended functions. Your body needs time to adapt to the nutrients and utilize the components you consume. Before you invest in supplements and expensive alternatives to aid fertility, try changing your diet

Author Bio:

Rachel is an ex-babysitting pro as well as a professional writer and blogger. She is a graduate from Iowa State University and currently writes for www.babysitting.net. She welcomes questions/comments which can be sent to rachelthomas.author @ gmail.com.


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