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10 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Fertility Center

Selecting a fertility center is one of the biggest choices you will make during your fertility journey.  The fertility center you select will be the one that guides you through the journey to parenthood.  Take time to talk with each fertility center you’re considering.  Asking the questions below can help you select the best fertility center to meet your needs.

2015-20How long as the medical director been a part of the practice?   What is his or her philosophy on fertility care?

The medical director often sets the direction for the center.  Understanding their philosophy will help to understand the direction of the center.

What is the average number of years of service for the doctors, nurses and laboratory staff? 

A high turnover rate may be a sign of problems at the center. 

What types of procedures are done most often?

Some centers will push their patients towards more invasive and expense options without fully understanding the patients’ needs. 

Are there age limits or other restrictions on the types of patients the fertility center accepts?

Find out if people in your situation are accepted by the center.  

How many embryos do they recommend are transferred per in vitro fertilization cycle?

Single embryo transfer is growing in popularity as research shows good success rates without the health risks posed by multiple pregnancy.

What types of insurance does the clinic accept?

If you have insurance coverage, make sure the clinic accepts it for payment.

How much does fertility care cost?

Understand the costs including office visits and lab work.

How are calls from patients after hours handled?           

Who handles calls from patients with questions or concerns after office hours?

What additional resources are provided for patients?

Are programs such as acupuncture or yoga offered for stress relief?

What are their success rates?  

Is the facility successful with situations such as yours?

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