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3 Physiological Changes to Expect While Pregnant

A woman’s body experiences a number of changes, both emotionally and physiologically. The changes that occur in the body are naturally and are required in order for the body to adapt to the needs of carrying additional weight and providing a healthy place for a baby to develop. Understanding the physiological changes during pregnancy can help you to be prepare for what to expect. Generally speaking, the physiological changes during pregnancy stop after you deliver or shortly thereafter.

The most common physiological changes during pregnancy include:

Difficulty Sleeping 

Many women find it difficult to get a good night’s rest while pregnant. This can be caused by a number of factors including the need to wake up to use the bathroom at night. Additionally, the inability to get comfortable while lying down can contribute to difficulty sleeping. Using a pregnancy pillow between your legs and avoiding caffeinated beverages can help address difficulty sleeping.


Frequent heartburn is the lament of many pregnant women. The issue is caused by the additional pressure placed on your digestive system as the uterus expands. This can result in acid being released into the esophagus which in turn results in heartburn. Avoiding acidic and spicy foods can reduce the likelihood of developing heartburn. Also, stay upright after eating to allow gravity to help keep stomach acid in the right place after eating. Eating small meals and avoiding overeating can also help to address issues with heartburn.

Back Pain

As the body adjusts to the weight of a growing baby, back pain can result. A pregnant woman has a different center of gravity and more demands on the muscles in the back and core. Additionally, the hormones surges that occur during pregnancy can also change the joints in the body which can further result in issues with the back muscles. Stretching, massage, wearing supporting shoes and having good posture can all help to reduce back pain.

It is important to remember that physiological changes during pregnancy are normal and necessary for a healthy baby.

If physiological changes do not stop shortly after you deliver a Stem cell therapy would be one of the options to relieve your back pain.

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