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3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Infertility Clinic

Selection of the right infertility clinic for treatment is often the first step a couple takes in their journey to have a baby. Even with so many factors to consider, making their decision does not have to be difficult. In order to narrow down potential infertility clinics, there are three primary criteria to consider.

  • Success rates
  • Treatment philosophy
  • Insurance acceptance

Choosing an Infertility Clinic

Success Rates and Patient Testimonials   infertility clinic

One of the best ways to evaluate a fertility center is by reviewing pregnancy success rates and patient testimonials. When comparing fertility clinics, it is important to note that pregnancy success rates are based on individuals who are well-suited for traditional fertility methods. Poor responders or couples with complicated issues may find the reported pregnancy success rates are not representative of what can be expected in their unique circumstances. Ask about pregnancy success rates for individuals who had medical conditions or predicaments similar to your own.

Treatment Philosophy

A key indicator of pregnancy success and patient satisfaction with your fertility team is a good fit patient-doctor match. Your desired treatment method should be in line with the philosophy of the center you choose. For example, if you are looking for gentler, more holistic approaches to fertility care, look for a center that offers Mini IVF and Natural IVF. Be sure to ask question about treatment protocols and how they are determined. The most successful centers create treatment plans based on the unique needs of each individual.

Insurance Acceptance

While financial concerns should not be the first thing to consider, they are an important part of the overall decision-making process. Out-of-pocket costs are usually a major concern for couples facing fertility treatment. In order to maximize your benefits while controlling costs, it is important to look for a center that accepts your insurance provider. For individuals with little or no coverage for fertility procedures, it is important to ask questions about costs and payment requirements. Understanding these things up front can help to prevent frustration during an IVF cycle.

Choose a World-Renowned Fertility Clinic

The best infertility clinic will provide personalized care uniquely tailored to your specific needs. Located in NYC, world-renowned New Hope Fertility Center offers affordable and successful infertility treatment. Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 917.525.5496.

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