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5 Advantages of a Natural Cycle IVF

Holistic treatment options are a successful way of treating infertility without the use of large doses of fertility medication.  These more holistic options offer a number of advantages over traditional IVF care.  The multiple advantages of a natural IVF cycle make this protocol ideal for a number of women.

Natural IVF Holistic Approach

A growing number of people are using a holistic approach to their health.  While they may need assistance becoming pregnant, these individuals would like to keep their bodies as natural as possible.  This holistic approach to IVF does not use fertility medication, keeping in line with a holistic lifestyle.

Healthy Eggs  natural ivf

Egg quality is a major concern during fertility treatment.  Eggs that are produced with the help of fertility medication are generally of a lower quality than their naturally created counterparts.  A natural IVF cycle uses the healthiest eggs possible, resulting in success rates that rival that of traditional IVF protocols.

Help for Poor Responders

Traditional IVF relied heavily upon fertility medication in order to produce a large number of eggs.  Poor responders’ bodies do not respond to these medications and often have trouble producing multiple eggs in a single cycle.  Natural cycle IVF directly addresses this as only one egg is needed for this protocol.

No Side Effects

Much of the discomfort that is associated with fertility treatment is due to the side effects of fertility medication.  Because medication is not used during natural IVF, there are no side effects.  This results in a more comfortable experience and no chance to develop OHSS, a potentially serious side effect of using large doses of fertility medication.

Less Expense

A large portion of the expense associated with fertility treatment is due to medication costs.  Not using medication can significantly reduce the out of pocket costs associated with IVF treatment. 

For additional information on the advantages of a natural cycle IVF and how it can be used to address your needs, contact New Hope Fertility Center.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you, or simply call 212-517-7676.  Thank you.

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