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6 Things To Know Before Visiting Your Fertility Doctor

When you’re trying to conceive it may seem as though getting pregnant couldn’t happen fast enough.  If you’ve been trying to conceive for a year and are under 35 or six months over age 25, it may be time to speak with a fertility doctor.  Before taking that step, there are six things to know:

2015-34Timing Is Important

A woman’s egg is only available for fertilization during a single 24 hour window.  Outside of that time frame a woman cannot become pregnant.  Therefore, it is important to time intercourse with ovulation in order to have the best chance to conceive.  Charting your cycle and using ovulation testers can help you know when you're fertile.

Treatment Begins With Testing

The process to treat fertility concerns begins with testing.  For women this may mean multiple diagnostic tests, including blood work and ultrasound.  For men, a semen analysis is required.  Fertility treatment cannot begin until the nature of the problem is uncovered and addressed.

Treatment Types

Two of the most common types of treatments for fertility issues are timed intercourse and in vitro fertilization.  Timed intercourse is paired with monitoring to focus on the best time to become pregnant.  In vitro fertilization may be used to treat a number both male factor and female factor infertility. The type of treatment each couple receives is dependent on their specific issues.

Fertility Medication

Fertility medication can be a valuable part of fertility treatment.  However, fertility treatment, including IVF, does not have to include large amounts of fertility medication.  Holistic approaches to IVF use little to no fertility medication and can have success rates that rival that of traditional IVF care.


Cost is a significant issue for many individuals considering fertility care.  Speak with your medical insurance provider to determine if you have coverage for fertility care.  The staff at your fertility clinic can also help you navigate your plan to determine what is covered and your specific out of pocket cost.

Be Prepared

It is normal to be nervous about fertility treatment.  Prepare for your appointment by writing down your concerns to discuss them with your fertility doctor.

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