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A New Hope Needle-Free IVF Patient Testimonial from the Man’s Perspective

Older ManI am a man who married a woman 15 years younger than me. I vowed to build a marriage and family with her. After one year of trying to get pregnant with no luck, she became despondent. I also found myself hopeless. I felt blame and resentment at the same time.

One day, a co-worker told me about New Hope Fertility Center and how they helped him and his wife get pregnant with twins. I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders when he said, “You just need a little help and renewed hope.” Although my wife was stressed about the prospect of injections, I convinced her that we needed to seek medical treatment.

New Hope Needle-Free IVF

From the moment that we stepped through the doors of New Hope, our confidence that we would have a baby rose. After going through interviews and testing, our fertility team recommended fertility counseling. This opened up the door to our communication and trust throughout the remainder of our fertility treatment.

Recommended In-House Fertility Counseling

We took advantage of New Hope’s in-house couple’s fertility counseling. Through counseling, we received simple and common sense advice on how to reduce our stress. This helped us stop bottling-up our anxiety and disappointment – we talked about it openly.

On my end, I learned a better way of asking my wife how I could support her on a daily basis – and then followed through. I made it a point to take on some of her tasks and responsibilities around the house without her even asking.

We began a new and healthy living lifestyle that helped both of us relax and get more quality sleep. My wife took advantage of acupuncture therapy before, during, and after fertility treatment.

Customized Needle-Free IVF

We were so excited when our fertility team recommended their new Needle-Free IVF. This took a load off of my wife’s stress about painful injections and annoying blood draws. Our Needle-Free IVF treatment was specifically designed by our fertility team to reduce her pain and stress during the cycle. The fertility medications were in pill, nasal, and suppository form. No needles. Plus, 24/7 personal assistance from our fertility team when we needed to clarify instructions on medications.

We were pregnant with twins within two months – a boy and a girl!

Thank you to our fabulous fertility care team at New Hope Fertility Center for your support and hard work.

To other men in my situation, please know that the path to pregnancy has many challenges. Don’t suppress your emotions and anxiety. Be open to sharing your fears while going above and beyond to support your wife throughout the process. – Patrick D. 12.5.19

Customized Needle-Free IVF Expertise

It is important to work with a fertility care team having the research and clinical experience required to design a customized Needle-Free IVF treatment plan meeting your personal medical needs. Click the icon below – or – call 212.969.7422 to schedule your initial consultation.

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