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A Note From Dr. Zhang to Women Interested in Egg Freezing

A Note From Dr. Zhang to Women Interested in Egg Freezing:

Dr. Zhang finds that usually when a woman comes for an egg freezing treatment, they need to prepare for a prolonged consultation time because they have most likely not gone through any fertility treatments prior, and need to have a clear understanding of the reproductive system. After the initial consultation, Dr. Zhang recommends not to start the egg freezing process right away unless you have a very low ovarian reserve.  He recommends spending the next two weeks going through orientations with our nurse staff to make sure all the questions are addressed properly such as:

  1. How many eggs I need to produce my first baby?
  2. If I am 39 years old, and I use these eggs to get pregnant, is there a change of miscarriage? 
  3. Is this medicine safe? Does it cause ovarian cancer in the future? 
  4. Why is my AMH  0.5 and my entry follicle count only 3?
  5. Why are you opposed to me taking injections?


I strongly recommend having more discussions regarding egg freezing before starting the process.  I also encourage asking questions by email or coming to one of our IVF orientations that will begin in late February/early March. Please stay informed on IVF orientation schedules by checking our blog/website.




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