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How Acupuncture Increases IVF Success

Holistic methods of treating infertility has been used for centuries. Many world class fertility centers are taking advantage of the benefits that can be received from holistic treatments such as acupuncture. Acupuncture and  IVF work together to improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

Acupuncture and IVF Success

Acupuncture is the ancient practice of placing very thin needles in specific places in the body. The belief is that these small needles can alter the flow of energy in the body and result in both physical and emotional improvements. Research has shown that using acupuncture and IVF together improve success rates. Additionally, the use of acupuncture can help to stimulate a woman’s ovaries naturally when doing a more holistic IVF cycle.

IVF treatment can be stressful, both on the mind and body. Unfortunately, this stress can fertility centersnegatively impact the body, including on the ability to ovulate normally. Therefore, treatments that can improve both the physical and emotional aspects of fertility treatment are great additions to traditional IVF care. It is believed that acupuncture increases endorphins in the body, which helps women to feel better and plays a role in ovulation. 

Fertility acupuncture has been tailored to target specific areas of the body that impact fertility. Many world class fertility centers have acupuncturists that they refer their patients to in order to provide a holistic addition to their treatment options. This allows both practitioners to work together toward the goal of helping patients achieve their goals of having children.



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