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Advice to Parents Having Children Born From Egg Donor

Donor eggs help couples who are unable to conceive on their own. As the children born from egg donor assisted procedures age, they will likely have questions about who they are and where they come from. Being prepared to talk to a child born from egg donor can make these discussions easier.

Children Born From Egg Donors

Using donor eggs is nothing to be ashamed of, not for you and nor for your child. Generally speaking, it is not a question of if a child will find out about the use of donor eggs, but rather when. It is better to have a discussion held with their parents than to learn through some other means such as a DNA test during a school science class.

How should I tell my child about the use of donor eggs?

The best idea is to start the conversations early. Smaller children will have a less of an understanding about the process.egg donor Therefore, talking in general terms is best at this age. Something as simple as telling the child that their parents had a special helper when it came time to start a family can begin the dialog. As the child ages, continue to add age appropriate details. There are a number of books available to help make the process more understandable to children.

What should I tell my child about sharing their story?

Your child should share information about in a manner that feels comfortable to them. Some children will want to keep that part of their story to themselves. Other children will happily share. There are two key points of focus. First, it is the child’s story to tell, or not tell, as they see fit. Second, it is important that the child understand that having a different birth story does not in any way change the family they’ve always known and loved.


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