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Affordable and Low Cost IVF Treatment Options in New York

Affordable IVF is treatment that works. The high cost of IVF is no longer a daunting financial undertaking for couples unable to conceive a child. New Hope Fertility NYC offers affordable a vast array of IVF treatment options. Fees for IVF treatment do not include the expense of fertility medication.


Low Cost IVF Treatment Options

There is no one best protocol approach to IVF. Dr. John Zhang – founder and medical director of New Hope Fertility NYC promotes a mission of producing one good egg – not an excessive quantity of low quality eggs.

It is a case-by-case situation, but you should not assume that because one cycle fails, all treatment will. *** Studies show that women can have a higher success with lower stimulation over the course of multiple cycles. By trying another treatment, we have seen better success. – Dr. John Zhang

An affordable IVF protocol for you is:

  • One that is customized for your personal needs
  • One that is tailored and suited to meet your medical needs
  • One that is cost-effective for you
  • One that will get you pregnant as soon as possible

The best IVF center will offer patients a vast array of IVF protocols – traditional and alternative holistic approaches.

Customized IVF Protocols

Conventional IVF

A fresh Conventional IVF cycle entails the stimulation of multiple egg follicle growth – 15 to 20 – through large dosages of injectable fertility medications. When a mature stage has been reach, the eggs are then surgically retrieved and fertilized in vitro – in a lab. One or two of the resulting embryos are then transferred to the woman’s uterus for implantation into her uterine lining. Excess embryos are typically cryopreserved for future Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) procedures.


Because lower dosages of fertility medications are prescribed to only produce 3 to 5 high quality eggs, the patient’s cost per Mini-IVF™ cycle is reduced. With a Mini-IVF™ protocol, the patient’s physical discomfort is lessened because her body is not forced into producing the 10 to 15 eggs reached in a Conventional IVF cycle.

Natural Cycle IVF™

The Natural Cycle IVF™ is almost completely drug-free – compared to Conventional IVF and Mini-IVF™. A woman’s body may need only a little coaxing to achieve a pregnancy with her one high quality egg produced during a natural menstrual cycle. Her single, natural egg is the very best a woman can produce – without the need for numerous, costly, painful, self-administered fertility medication injections.

In Vitro Maturation (IVF/M)

IVM or IVF/M – egg maturation in vitro – is a revolutionary method of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) helping to increase a woman’s chances of using at least some of her immature eggs for fertilization. IVM is an innovative ART technique that surgically retrieves a woman’s eggs while they are still in an immature stage. A woman’s eggs can be matured in a controlled laboratory setting – in vitro – through IVF/M.

World Renowned IVF Expertise

It is important to work with a fertility care team having the experience required to design a customized IVF treatment plan meeting your specific personal needs. To schedule your initial consultation with one of the world renowned fertility specialists at New Hope Fertility NYC, click the icon below – or – call 917.525.5496.


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