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The IVF Fertility Blog

The History of Egg Freezing and Dr. Zhang’s Contributions

Why High Quantity Egg Production Reduces the Quality of an IVF Egg Freezing Cycle

How Mike & Jenny Overcame Secondary Infertility

FAFTA: Is IVF Cost Coverage Mandated When You’ve Had Prior Failed Cycles?

FAFTA: Is Your Egg Freezing Cost Covered by Medical Insurance?

Free Egg Freezing Wine & Piano Social Tonight @ 6:30 p.m.

FAFTA: Patients Should Have a Fertility Treatment Plan Prior to Submitting a Claim

Today is New Hope’s 784 Park Avenue Clinic Grand Re-Opening!

2020's Best IVF Financing and Insurance Coverage in New York

What is Outcome-Based IVF SURE™ Financing?

2020’s Best At-HOME IVF in the U.S.

What You Need to Know About New York’s Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act – FAFTA

Join Our Free Ovarian Rejuvenation Social Thursday January 30th

Compassionate LGBTQ Family Planning Options in NYC

New Hope's Needle-Free IVF is the Future

Free Egg Freezing Social Served With Wine On January 15th @ The New Hope Piano Lounge

Spread National Awareness About Preventable Birth Defects

Why New Hope Promotes National Folic Acid Awareness Week

Why You Should Consider New Year Fertility Counseling in 2020

Your 2020 To Do List Covering Future Fertility

A 2020 Care Package for Your Fertility Health

How to Kick Start Your Fertility Health in the New Year 2020

2020 is All About New Year At-HOME IVF Treatment

2020's Go To Fertility Clinic for New Needle-Free IVF

What are the Benefits of NICS Methodology With IVF?

How Donna C. Got Pregnant at 42 With Our Customized IVF

Older Women 38+ May Safely Conceive a Baby When  Hope Finds A Way

Say NO to Alcohol – It’s Not Your Holiday Fertility Cheer-Up

Merry Christmas! FREE Wine Piano & Egg Freezing Social January 15th

Avoidable Holiday Social Question – “When Are You Getting Pregnant?”

Don’t Let Infertility Stress You Out During the Holiday Season

Make Fertility Counseling a Priority This Holiday Season

How Our Mini-IVF™ Helped 43 Year-Old Sara H. Get Pregnant

How Acupuncture Can Increase Your IVF Pregnancy Success

Where to Go For a Broad Spectrum of IVF Treatment

How Our Holistic IVF Protocols Produce High Quality Eggs

Find Consistent Improvement of Fertility Patient Service in NYC

Where to Find Cutting-Edge At-HOME IVF

Discover a New & Streamlined Approach to IVF Treatment

How Ozone Sauna Therapy Helps Fertility Treatment

Why You Should Check on Your Fertility Every Year

Are You Suffering From Secondary Infertility?

What is the Best Miscarriage Prevention Treatment?

FREE Wine Cheese & Egg Freezing Social on December 12th!

What All Women Must Know About Their Fertility

How Vaping Negatively Affects Your Egg Quality

How Holiday Alcohol Consumption Affects Your Fertility

Holiday Season Food Strategy to Increase Your Fertility

Why Fertility Counseling During the Holiday Season is Important

Coping With Infertility During the Holiday Season

Hidden Infertility Signals Women Should Know

Parents Magazine Recognizes the Success of Needle-Free IVF

How At-HOME IVF Treatment Can Help You Get Pregnant

How World Class Mini-IVF™ Can Help You Get Pregnant

How to Find Needle-Free IVF in NYC

It’s Easy to Choose the Sex of Your Baby Using Gender Selection

How PGS/NGS Can Help You Have a Baby

How to Learn About Egg Freezing By Attending Our Upcoming Events

Freeze Your Ovarian Tissue and Preserve Your Fertility

Fertility Tips to Help You Get Pregnant

Increased IVF & FET Pregnancy Success Rates Using NICS Technology

How Fertility Counseling Increases IVF Success Rates

How the EmbryoScope Increases IVF Pregnancy Success

Transferring Frozen Embryos for IVF Pregnancy Success

The Best Clinic in NYC for Needle-Free IVF

Why Young Women Should Attend Egg Freezing Social Events

How Our Mini-IVF™ Can Help You Get Pregnant

Key Nutrients in Foods to Boost Sperm Health

How ICSI Treats Male-Factor Infertility

How Our Natural Cycle IVF™ Can Help You Have a Baby

Acupuncture May Increase Your Chance of Pregnancy

You Can Adopt Frozen Embryos to Help You Have a Baby

We Promote Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness

Choose the Sex of Your Baby Using Gender Selection Technology

Compassionate and Trusted LGBTQ Fertility Treatment in NYC

Why Fertility Counseling is Key to IVF Success

Where to Go for Painless Needle-Free IVF in NYC

We Promote Fertility Food Safety Awareness in September

What You Need to Know About Sexuality Health and Fertility

Try This Smoothie Recipe to Help Boost Your Fertility

We Promote Sexual Health Awareness Week in September

How to Reduce Your Cost and Discomfort With Our Mini-IVF™

We Promote Yoga for Fertility Awareness in September

We Promote Ovarian Cancer Awareness in September

Try These Super Foods to Help Boost Your Fertility

We Promote PCOS Awareness in September

How Our New Natural Cycle IVF™ Works

Why You Should Freeze Your Eggs This Summer

Increase Your Chance of Pregnancy this Summer with Acupuncture

Summer Snack Recipes to Help Boost Fertility

Summer Recipes to Help Boost Fertility

Where to go in NYC for High IVF Pregnancy Success Using Frozen Embryos

How to Preserve Fertility by Freezing Your Ovarian Tissue

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

How the Innovative EmbryoScope Increases IVF Pregnancy Success

How the Mini-IVF™ Can Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy Success

Read About How Our New Painless Needle-Free IVF Works

Sex and Fertility Tips & Tricks

August 3rd is National Twins Day!

Where to go for Fertility Counseling in NYC

Why It’s Important to Support Friends Going Through IVF

Fertility Counseling Awareness

Summer Breakfast Recipes to Help Boost Fertility

Summer Outdoor Activities to Help Boost Fertility

August is National Breastfeeding Month

How Ovarian Rejuvenation Helps Women – 38 to 42 – Conceive

How to Find IVF Treatment From a Multidisciplinary Fertility Team

Where to Find Trusted LGBTQ Fertility Treatment in NYC

How Our Mini-IVF™ Reduces Patient Cost and Discomfort

Celebrate National Parents’ Day on Sunday July 28th!

Where to Find a Fertility Clinic Specializing in Low and No Drug IVF

How Acupuncture Can Increase Your Chance of Pregnancy

How to Become Well-Informed About Egg Freezing

Complete Specimen Safety in NYC Blackout

Needle-Free IVF Compared to Other IVF Protocols

How Fertility Preservation Helps in Family Planning

How You Can Choose the Sexes of Your Children Using Gender Selection

How PGS/NGS Technology Can Up Your Chances of IVF Pregnancy Success

Cord Blood Awareness Month is Celebrated in July

Join the 2019 Egg Freezing Trend by Attending Our Upcoming Events

Babies Conceived by Natural Cycle IVF™ Have a Reduced Risk of Low Birth Weight

How a Multidisciplinary Approach to IVF Treatment Works

Where To Go for Trusted LGBTQ Fertility Treatment in NYC

How Patient Pain and Cost are Reduced Using Needle-Free IVF

How Male-Factor Infertility is Successfully Treated Using ICSI Technology

How a Man Can Increase His Chances of Conceiving With Fertility Counseling

How HRSS Enhances the Treatment of Male-Factor Infertility

Lifestyle Changes That Boost Male Fertility

This Week is Devoted Men’s Health Awareness

How to Find High IVF Pregnancy Success Rates in NYC

Where to Find First Class Mini-IVF™ Technology in NYC

Know Your Fertility Preservation Options

The Most Trusted LGBTQ Fertility Treatment Clinic

New and Innovative Treatment for Thin Uterine Lining

Fertility Medication Administration Expertise

How to Choose a Fertility Clinic by Reading Pregnancy Success Rates

How Women’s Health Benefits from Needle-Free IVF

How Women’s Health is Improved with a Fertility Diet

How Women’s Fertility Health is Improved with Quality Sleep

How Women’s Fertility Health is Improved by Acupuncture

How Women’s Fertility Health is Improved by Yoga

How Women’s Fertility Health is Improved with Mini-IVF™ Technology

How Women’s Fertility Health is Preserved Through Egg Freezing

How Women’s Fertility Health is Improved With Natural Cycle IVF™

How Fertility Counseling Helps Women’s Health

May 12th – 18th is National Women’s Health Week!

Where to Find One of the Best IVF Clinics in the USA

Becoming Aware of Fertility Counseling During Treatment

How Yoga Treats Infertility

This Week We Promote National Infertility Awareness

How First Class Mini-IVF™ Technology Works

Why Egg Freezing is Trending Upward in 2019

What Are Your LGBTQ Fertility Treatment Options?

How to Become Well-Informed About the Best Fertility Diet

Increase Your Infertility Awareness With Natural Cycle IVF™

Awaken Your Infertility Awareness With Quality Sleep

Revolutionary Treatment for Thin Uterine Lining

How Counseling Promotes Infertility Awareness

April is National Infertility Awareness Month!

How to Read Pregnancy Success Rates

Why Egg Freezing is Trending in 2019

How to Make One Good Egg With Natural Cycle IVF™

How Our Innovative Needle-Free IVF Works

How to Find One of the Best IVF Clinics in the USA

Where to Find Cutting-Edge LGBTQ Fertility Treatment Options

Where to Find Yoga for Infertility

Where to Find First Class Mini-IVF™ Technology

Where to Find Fertility Medication Administration Expertise

How Extreme Weather Causes Stress in Pregnant Women

National Nutrition Month in March 2019

National Endometriosis Awareness Month of March 2019

How the Mini-IVF™ Keeps Patient Cost Down

The Best Fertility Diet to Help You Prepare for Treatment

Where to Find the Best LGBTQ Fertility Treatment Options in NYC

Why 2019 is the Year of Egg Freezing

Needle-Free IVF vs. Conventional IVF

How the Mini-IVF™ Produces High Quality Eggs

Why Fertility Counseling Helps During Treatment

How to Find the Highest IVF Pregnancy Success Rates in NYC

How Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy is Helping Older Women Conceive

How Ectopic Pregnancies are Being Reduced Using Frozen Embryo Transfer

Why Frozen Embryo Adoption is Increasing

How Sleep Improves Your Fertility Level

How to Avoid Injections and Blood Draws: New Needle-Free IVF

Where Can You Find the Best Mini-IVF™ Protocol in NYC?

How Sleep Can Increase Your Natural Fertility Level

Discover Support and Nurturing With IVF Yoga

How the EmbryoScope Improves Embryo Quality

How to Gage Yearly Data on IVF and FET Pregnancy Success Rates

Why the Mini-IVF™ is Less Invasive and More Cost-Effective

Why You Should Seek Out Fertility Counseling in the New Year

How to Stop Your Biological Clock Using Egg Freezing Technology

How Our New Needle-Free IVF Has Revolutionized Fertility Treatment

How Our New Natural Cycle IVF™ Makes One Good Egg

Why It’s a New Year Celebration for LGBTQ Fertility Treatment

Fertility Preservation Awareness in the New Year

How the Mini-IVF™ Makes Good Quality Eggs

How Fertility Counseling Can Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy in the New Year

How Needle-Free IVF Differs From Other Protocols

How to Find Fertility Counseling in the New Year

How the Mini-IVF™ Has Made a Breakthrough in Fertility Treatment

Where to Go for Precision Fertility Medication Administration

Why More Women are Resolving to Freeze Their Eggs in the New Year

How to Stay on Your Fertility Diet During the Holidays

How to Find Fertility Counseling During the Holiday Season

Where to Find Top FET Pregnancy Success Rates in NYC

How to Stop the IVF Train by Trying Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy

Where to Find Top IVF Pregnancy Success Rates in NYC

How Our Cutting-Edge Mini-IVF™ Reduces Your Costs and Risks

How a Single Embryo Transfer Improves Your IVF Pregnancy Success

How Women are Finding Increased Confidence by Freezing Their Eggs

How Needle-Free IVF is Revolutionizing Fertility Treatment

Where to Find an Experienced Fertility Counselor

What You Need to Know About Fertility Preservation

How to Find World Class Mini-IVF™ Technology

How a Single Embryo Transfer (SET) Can Improve Your IVF Pregnancy Success

How Egg Freezing Increases Confidence in Women

Read About Needle-Free IVF in the News

How to Explore Your Fertility Counseling Options During Treatment

The Basic Facts About Fertility Preservation

How a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Reduces Ectopic Pregnancy Risk

How Our Mini-IVF™ Works in Tandem with World Class Technology

How the Adoption of Frozen Embryos Can Help You Have a Baby

How to Overcome Isolation While Undergoing Infertility Treatment

Why Fertility Counseling is Encouraged During Treatment

How Our New Needle-Free IVF Works

How Our Revolutionary Mini-IVF™ Lowers Your Costs and Risks

Cutting-Edge Fertility Treatment Options for LGBTQ Couples

How Our New Needle-Free IVF Protocol Works

How Our Mini-IVF™ Protocol Produces Quality Eggs

How to Get Off the IVF Fertility Train

Our Revolutionary Mini-IVF™ Can Increase Your Pregnancy Success

Why You Should Start the Best Fertility Diet Today

Why Frozen Embryo Transfers Have High IVF Pregnancy Success Rates

How to Treat Male-Factor Infertility: High Resolution Sperm Selection (HRSS)

How Ovarian Tissue Freezing Can Preserve Your Future Fertility

EmbryoScope Technology Improves IVF Pregnancy Success

The Key Role Fertility Medications Play in Your IVF Cycle

How to Read IVF and FET Pregnancy Success Rates

Learn More About Our Natural Cycle IVF™ Treatment

Learn More About Our Mini-IVF™ Protocol

Learn More About Our New Needle-Free IVF Protocol

How to Find a First Class Fertility Clinic in NYC

Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Summer IVF Treatment

Know Your Fertility Preservation Options

Discover a Multidisciplinary Fertility Team Approach

Watch Dr. Zaher Merhi’s Ovarian Rejuvenation Presentation Video

How IVF SURE™ Shares Your Financial Risk

New Needle-Free IVF vs. Conventional IVF

What Are the Best Fertility Treatments for Older Women?

How New Hope Increases IVF Pregnancy Success Rates

Men’s Health Awareness is Upcoming in June

How Gender Selection is a Natural Benefit of IVF

How Quality Embryos are Identified and Selected for IVF Transfer

What Are Your Fertility Preservation Options?

How Yoga Enhances IVF Pregnancy Success

Key Tips For Getting Pregnant This Summer

How the Natural Cycle IVF™ Can Increase Your Pregnancy Chances

How Frozen Embryo Transfers Increase Your IVF Pregnancy Success Rate

How Ovarian Tissue Freezing Can Preserve Your Future Fertility

How the Mini-IVF™ Works

Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy Success With Yoga

Pushing The Boundaries of IVF

How to Reduce Your Financial Risk With IVF SURE™

How ICSI Increases IVF Pregnancy Success Rates

Basic Facts About New Hope’s Egg Donation Program

How Egg Freezing is Trending in 2018

New Needle-Free IVF Protocol

PGS/NGS Increases Your IVF Pregnancy Success Rate By Up To 30 Percent

Is it Time for You to See a Fertility Specialist?

A Quick Guide on Financing IVF Treatment

Basic Facts About Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy

National Infertility Awareness Week is Celebrated in April

Know Your Fertility Preservation Options: Ovarian Tissue Freezing

How In Vitro Maturation (IVM) Increases IVF Success Rates

March is National Nutrition Month

How a Multidisciplinary Fertility Team Approach Increases IVF Pregnancy Success Rates

How to Treat a Constantly Thin Endometrial Lining

Dr. Zaher Merhi's Presentation on Ovarian Rejuvenation

How Egg Freezing is Trending Among Modern Women to Preserve Fertility

Tips for Boosting Male Fertility

How Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy Gives New Hope to Older Women

Embryology: The Study of Embryo Development

How IVF Pregnancy Success Rates Are Increased With ICSI Technology

How Yoga Works in Tandem With IVF to Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy Success

How Low Dosages of Fertility Medications Work in a Mini-IVF™ Protocol

Why Infertility is Becoming a Crisis for American Women

Why Gender Selection is a Trending Benefit of IVF

Yoga For Fertility

Top Specialist in the World: Dr. Zaher Merhi is the foremost expert on Uterine (Endometrial) Lining Thickening Techniques

Revolutionary Breakthrough: New Needle-Free IVF Protocol

How the Mini-IVF™ Helps Women Suffering From Endometriosis

Why More Women Over 40 Are Having Babies

Endometriosis Awareness Month is Upcoming in March

How New Hope’s No FSH Restrictions Policy Works

How Assisted Hatching Increases IVF Pregnancy Success Rates

IVF Sure™ Helps to Reduce Your Financial Risk

How To Prepare For Your First Infertility Treatment Office Visit

A Guide to Your Fertility Preservation Options

Identifying Quality Embryos is Key to a Successful IVF Pregnancy

Quick Easy Lifestyle Changes to Help Increase Your Fertility

How to Up Your Pregnancy Chances With Natural Cycle IVF™

Key Tips for Getting Pregnant in the New Year

How Men Can Reduce Stress During Infertility Treatment

Why IVF is the Best 1st Treatment Option for Older Women

What is New Hope’s One Good Egg Policy?

How IVF Acupuncture Increases Your Chances of Pregnancy

How In Vitro Maturation (IVM) Increases IVF Pregnancy Success Rates

AMH: A Key Role in Predicting a Woman’s Fertility

Why Your BMI May Be Preventing You From Getting Pregnant

How ICSI Increases Your Chances of IVF Pregnancy Success

Introducing: New Hope’s Revolutionary Needle-Free IVF

How High Resolution Sperm Selection (HRSS) Treats Male-Factor Infertility

How EmbryoScope Technology Improves IVF Pregnancy Success Rates

How You Can Preserve Your Fertility Through Ovarian Tissue Freezing

How World Class IVF Technology Helps Treat Infertility

How Fertility Yoga Can Help Get You Pregnant

How to Plan Your Family Through Gender Selection

How Egg Freezing is Trending Through Egg Socials

What You Need To Know About Egg Donation

How Employers Are Helping Employees Afford IVF

How to Read IVF Success Rates

How to Know if You Are a Candidate for Human Egg Rejuvenation

What Are the Chances Your Eggs Can Make a Baby?

How to Treat Anovulation: Ovulation Induction

How to Get Pregnant Without Fertility Medications: Natural Cycle IVF™

How the Gentle MINI-IVF™ Can Help You Get Pregnant

How to Reduce Your IVF Financial Risk: IVF SURE™

Femara for Infertility Treatment

Clomid for Infertility Treatment

How Sperm Freezing Preserves Fertility for Men

How Vitrification Plays a Key Role in Fertility Preservation


A Quick Guide to Egg Freezing

The Basics About Ovarian Tissue Freezing

Why International Patients Are Coming to the U.S. for IVF Treatment

Best Fertility Treatment Options for LGBTQ Couples

Top Benefits of Having a Natural Cycle IVF

What is the Best Fertility Treatment Option for Women With Low Quality Eggs?

Does An Ultra Mini IVF Really Work?

Discover The Top New York Fertility Clinic

Discover Customized and Cost-Effective IVF in NYC

What Is Secondary Infertility?

October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

Fertility Center NYC Celebrates National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Why it’s important to consider egg freezing

Why Our Natural Cycle IVF Comes With a Higher Success Rate

Can Acupuncture Really Increase Fertility Levels?

Breaking Down The Ultra Mini-IVF

Preserving Your Fertility After A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

How to Reduce the Risk of Multiple Births When Undergoing IVF Treatment

Mini-IVF™ Success Rates in NYC

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

How an Egg Donor Gives the Gift of Life

Discover Easy Cost-Effective IUI in NYC

Successful Treatment for Secondary Infertility

Preeminent Male-Factor Infertility Treatment in NYC

Positive Steps Toward Pregnancy Success by the End of 2017

How Yoga Can Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy

Increase Your Pregnancy Chances by Choosing Natural Cycle IVF

How Mini-IVF™ Can Increase Your Pregnancy Success

High IVF Pregnancy Success Rates Using PGS Technology

Preventing Hereditary Diseases From Being Passed on Through PGD

Embryo Banking For Women Postponing Motherhood Past 40

How to Boost Your Infertility Treatment Through Diet Changes

How to Find Optimum IVF Treatment in NYC

Holistic IVF Care: Choose Mini-IVF or Natural Cycle IVF

How Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Works

Where to Find Affordable IUI Treatment in New York

How a FET Will Improve Your IVF Pregnancy Success Rate

The Summer Fertility Diet to Start NOW

How Fertility Medications Play a Key Role in Your IVF Cycle

Learn How To Calculate Your IVF Due Date

Pros and Cons of IVF Treatment

Is Embryo Grading Really Necessary?

IVF Technology Helping to Prevent Recurrent Miscarriage

PGS/NGS Technology and Healthy Babies

Regular, Moderate Exercise This Summer Will Improve Your Fertility

Boost Your Sperm Count This Summer

New Hope’s In-House Acupuncture for Fertility Service

How IVF Sure™ Works to Reduce Financial Risk

IVF and the Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

Infertility Treatment and the Best Fertility Drugs for Women Over 35

How to Enhance Your Summer Pregnancy Experience

How to Preserve Your Fertility Before Cancer Treatment

How to Prepare for Your Summer IVF Treatment

Schedule A Hysterosalpinogram - HSG - This Summer

Up Your Pregnancy Chances by Breaking Down the Cost of IVF

This Summer: Discover Affordable Holistic IVF Protocols in NYC

Infertility Treatment for Same Sex Couples

What Lifestyle Choices Can Help You Get Pregnant This Summer?

How to Plan Your Summer While Trying to Get Pregnant

Signs of Premature Ovarian Failure

Find New York Fertility Clinic Locations

How Women Diagnosed With Cancer Benefit From Egg Freezing

Customized Egg Donation Program in NYC

Top Reviewed IVF Clinic in NYC

Natural Cycle IVF™: A Holistic IVF Treatment Protocol

Know the Many Roles of a Fertility Doctor

How High Quality Sleep Can Increase Your Chances of Conception

Tailored Mini IVF in NYC

Fertility Preservation Through Embryo Cryopreservation

How Mini-IVF™ Improves Pregnancy Success Rates

Choosing a First Class Fertility Clinic in NYC

Holistic Approaches to IVF: Mini-IVF or Natural Cycle IVF


The 5 Most Effective Fertility Tests

Common Costs of Mini-IVF™

Become Well-Informed About Male Infertility Treatment

Discover Cost-Effective Natural Cycle IVF in NYC

How to Choose a Fertility Clinic in 2017

How to Support Each Other Through Infertility Treatment

How PGD Tests for Inherited Defects in Embryos

A Multidisciplinary Approach To In Vitro Fertilization

Embryo Banking vs. Fertility Preservation

Receiving Treatment From a Long Distance Fertility Doctor

Affordable IVF Treatment in NYC

May is National Preeclampsia Awareness Month

How to Become a Well Informed Fertility Patient

What to Expect at Your Initial Fertility Consultation

Why Embryo Batching Before PGS is Not Beneficial

2017's World Class IVF Clinic

The Gift of Life Through Egg Donation

How to Choose the Right Fertility Clinic in NYC

How to Grade Embryo Quality Through PGD Technology

How to Cope Through Male Infertility Treatment

Low Hormone Mini-IVF™ vs. Conventional IVF

A Top Fertility Doctor to Diagnose the Cause of Your Infertility

Top IVF Clinic in NYC

How Egg Freezing Before Chemotherapy is Preserving Fertility

Cost-Effective IVF in NYC

The Ethical Issues of PGD And PGS

A Fertility Clinic Giving Renewed Hope to Couples Worldwide

New Fertility Technologies - What is Spindle ICSI?

How PGD Prevents Sickle Cell Anemia

Natural Cycle IVF vs. The Conventional IVF

Discover Pregnancy Success Through Mini IVF

What Does an IUI Cost for Lesbian Couples?

How Does a Natural IVF Cycle Work?

Preserving Fertility for Children Exposed to Chemo

What Qualifications Do You Look For in a Potential Egg Donor?

2017’s Top Egg Freezing Clinic in the Nation

IVM vs. IVF - Which is Right For You?

When Is The Best Time For ICSI?

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Egg Freezing

Preserving Fertility For Children Diagnosed With Cancer

Give the Gift of Life by Becoming an Egg Donor

How Acupuncture Increases IVF Success

Infertility Shaming is Alive and Well — Just Ask Chrissy Teigen

How To Find IUI for LGBT Couples in New York City

Why a Mini IVF Could Potentially Be Your Best Infertility Solution

Where is the Top Egg Freezing Center in New York City

How To Improve Your Fertility During the Winter

Activities To Avoid After Your Embryo Transfer

Coping Emotionally Through IVF Treatment

How Does an IUI Procedure Work?

IVF Overview: Steps to getting pregnant


Common Infertility Treatment Costs

World’s 2nd 3-Parent Baby: What you NEED to know and what’s the difference?

How to Support a Friend Struggling With Infertility

Why Egg Freezing Parties are on the Rise in the UK

Discover How Natural IVF Can Help You To Get Pregnant

Advice to Parents Having Children Born From Egg Donor

Benefits of a Mini-IVF

Why You Should Consider a Natural Cycle IVF

5 Questions Women Should Ask Themselves Before Freezing Their Eggs

Next Generation Sequencing in Conjunction With IVF

How To Stay Optimistic During Infertility Treatment

Should the Cost of Egg Donation be Regulated by Government?

What is the Average Cost of Fertility Treatment?

How to Preserve Your Fertility While Treating Lymphoma

Calculate Your Due Date Based on Your IVF Date of Transfer

The Pros and Cons of In Vitro Maturation

Why New Hope is Regarded as a Top Fertility Clinic Around the World

Why All The Top Fertility Doctors Choose New Hope Fertility

Reasonably Priced Mini IVF in NYC

Using An Egg Donor For IVF

How Egg Freezing Parties Are Informing Women All Over NYC

Risks and Benefits of a Natural IVF Cycle

How to Increase Male Fertility With Vitamins

How Sleep Habits Affect Your IVF Treatment

Are Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injections Expensive?

3 Common Ways to Boost Male Fertility

Infertility is Common - Just Ask 1 in 8 Women

Reviewing The Best Fertility Doctors in NYC

How IVF Sure is Making In Vitro Fertilization Affordable

Low Cost Minimal Stimulation IVF in NYC

Why Egg Freezing is Becoming More and More Popular in NYC

Inexpensive and Natural IVF in NYC

Your Common Egg Donation Questions, Answered.

Locating The Best NYC Surrogacy Agencies

The Best Available Natural Fertility Treatments

Why New Hope Is The Best Center For Male Fertility Treatment

Where To Find The Best Center For a Natural IVF

How Does The Egg Donor And Sperm Donor Process Work?

Why The Mini IVF is a Top Option for Women Over 40

Egg Freezing in New York City

How A Minimal Stimulation IVF Could Be Your Best Option For Conceiving

The Pros and Cons of An IUI

What Makes New Hope Fertility Center the Best Clinic in NYC?

How Does Sperm Motility Affect Male Fertility?

Ranking The Best Infertility Treatments in NYC

How Much Do Egg Donors Get Paid

The Mini IVF and Why It May Be Your Best Option

How To Decide If Becoming An Egg Donor Is The Right Choice

How To Find the Best Fertility Clinic in NYC


Where Are The Best Fertility Doctors In New York City

IVF Treatments Don't Have To Cost A Fortune - Learn About Financing and Insurance

How to Decide If You Chose The Right Fertility Center

Does Freezing Your Eggs Really Work?

The Ideal Candidates For Egg Donation

Where is the Best Place to Go for In-Vitro Fertilization in New York

What is PCOS, Anyway? And Is It Affecting Your Fertility?

3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Infertility Clinic

4 Reasons You May Want To Consider Mini IVF Treatment

Common Protocol Associated With a Natural IVF

4 Common Egg Donation FAQs

Best Reviewed Fertility Doctors For NYC Natural IVF

What Happens At Egg Freezing Parties?

Desirable Egg Donor Traits

How Much Does Fertility Treatment Usually Cost?

Common Egg Freezing FAQs

How Does the Natural Cycle IVF Procedure Work?

Navigating Through NYC Fertility Center Success Rates

How To Choose an fertility Doctor in New York City

Where Are the Top Reviewed NYC Fertility Clinics?

The Average Cost Of A Mini IVF in NYC

5 Advantages of a Natural Cycle IVF

How Does Vitrification Work? - Is It Different From Slow Freezing?

5 ways Couples Can Support Each Other During Infertility Treatment

How To Get Pregnant With PCOS

Meet Dr. Zhang - New Hope Fertility's Premier Fertility Doctor

Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting a Fertility Clinic

Can Egg Donation Affect Future Fertility?

The Difference Between Impotency and Male Infertility

National Infertility Awareness Week®

What is AMH - The Role of AMH in Egg Freezing

25 Things to say - and not to say - to someone living with infertility

How New Hope Fertility Has Pioneered the Mini IVF

What Are The Benefits Of A Mini-IVF?

Affordable In Vitro Fertilization Treatments in NJ

Preparing for Breast Cancer Treatment - Fertility Preservation Options

How Much Would the Best Fertility Doctor Cost in NYC?

Stress & Acupuncture

IVF Success Stories From the Top Fertility Center in Manhattan

Where is the Top Egg Freezing Facility in New York?

Egg Donation - How Does the Process Work?

How to Know if You're Ovulating Right Now

Where is the Best IVF in New York

Who is the Most Successful Fertility Specialist in New York

Costs Associated With Ovarian Tissue Freezing

How is In Vitro Maturation Different Than Conventional IVF?

Is Vitrification the Best Method For Egg Freezing

Natural Fertility and the Natural IVF


What is the Role of an Embryologist at a Fertility Center

Who is the Ideal Egg Donor Candidate?

The Benefits and Risks of Minimal Stimulation IVF

How To Decide Which Fertility Clinic is Right For You

Which Fertility Center in NYC Provides the Most Personalized Care?

Egg Freezing - Is It Worth It?

6 Top Egg Donation Questions

The Best IVF Treatment Options for Single Men

What are Some of the Benefits of a Mini IVF?

The Cost Range of Common Infertility Treatments

Can I Take Folic Acid Supplements During IVF Treatment?

3 Alternatives to Conventional IVF Treatment

What is PGD/PGS and what is the difference?

What is the Best IVF Protocol?

6 Winter Exercise Ideas

Immunizations to Avoid During Your IVF Cycles

How to Manage the Dreams and Hopes of Relatives During Egg Donation

4 Necessities for Babies as the Weather Gets Colder

4 Quick Fertility Tips for the Holiday Season

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Someone Going Through Infertility Treatment

Don't Lose Hope - Ways to Stay Optimistic During Infertility Treatment

Timed intercourse and IUI - What are the Initial Fertility Treatment Steps?

How to Cope With Infertility Stress During the Holiday Season

Fertility Organizations and Societies Worth Knowing About

What to Do if You Go Into Labor During a Winter Storm

Exciting Trips to Plan Near NYC This Winter

Helpful Tips for Beating The Cold Weather Blues

How to Find Help in NYC During Your Infertility Treatments

How to Make Sure You're Getting the Vitamins You Need This Winter

What is the Best Age to Try and Get Pregnant?

5 Ways to Avoid the Holiday Sugar Cravings!

4 Fertility Boosting Foods to Eat This Holiday Season

Is Embryo Banking Successful?

What is the Best Age to Try and Get Pregnant?

Is Embryo Banking Successful?

What is Egg Augmentation?

Fall Recipes Using Fresh Fruits

Halloween Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids and Parents

Why is Anesthesia Used in Some Fertility Treatments?

3 Physiological Changes to Expect While Pregnant

Top Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Egg Freezing

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How Acupuncture Can Help

How To Explain Your Infertility to Your Family and Friends

Egg Donation - How Does the Process Work and What is the Compensation***

Trying to Get Pregnant? 5 Fitness Do's and Don't's

What are Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer?

4 Fall Trips to Plan Near NYC

Dealing With The Psychological Effects of Male Infertility

Post Pregnancy Mental Health Signs of PPD and Baby Blues

Breast Cancer and its Affect on Fertility - How to Preserve Your Fertility

Want to Increase Your Chances of Conceiving? - Ways to Reduce Work Stress

How New Hope Accommodates Judaic Fertility Requirements

The Best Yoga Options for Older People

Nutrition for Pre-conception & Pregnancy

The Real Cost of IVF

What are Specialty Pharmacies and How to Choose the Right One

Does Mini IVF Have High Success Rates?

Fertility Societies You Didn't Know About But Should

Can a Natural Cycle IVF Be More Successful Then Normal IVF Treatments?

Age and How it Relates to IVF Treatment Success

Can You Consume Alcohol While Breastfeeding?

Debunking the Most Common Myths of Conception

Simple and Healthy Summer Recipes

Determining the Cause of Low Fertility Levels

Find NYC's Top Newborn Photographers

How Summer Sunshine Can Boost Fertility

Cord Blood Awareness Month

Find a NYC Therapist Who Deals With Infertility

IVF Alternatives - A Look at Mini, Natural, and Ultra Mini IVFs

Which Types of Tea Can Help Improve Fertility?

NYC's Best Centers For Reproductive Medicine

Preparing Women Over 39 For Their Pregnancy

How To Deal With Hormone Imbalances After Taking Birth Control

Find Mini IVF Success Stories in New York City

The Importance of Prenatal Nutrition

5 Environmental Causes of Male Infertility

Little Things That Count Big

How to Choose An OBGYN for Your Delivery

5 Ideas for 4th of July in New York City

Vitamins to Take to Improve Chances of a Healthy Pregnancy

Cancer and Infertility - Why To Consider Egg Freezing Before Chemotherapy

Keep The Flame Alive - 4 Summer Date Night Spots in NYC

Current LGBT Issues Surrounding Fertility Treatment

Guest Blog (Acupuncture Remedies) How to Treat Male Infertility With Acupuncture

3 Ideas For Places To Have Your Summer Baby Shower in NYC

Are Single Embryo Transfers Effective in Young Women?

Easy Summer Salad Recipes To Help Boost Fertility

Find The Top Parenting Blogs 2015

Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of a Natural Cycle IVF

Negative Pregnancy Tests - How To Cope and What's Next?

How to Treat Male Infertility - Which Procedure is Best?

How to Donate Used Baby Gear in NYC

How to Find The Best Accommodations When Traveling for Fertility Treatment

How Exercise Can Affect Your Fertility - What's the Right Amount?

Infertility and Yoga - Can Yoga Increase Fertility?

Places To Stay During Your IVF Treatment in New York City

How Does Embryo Banking Work With Staggered IVF Treatments?

How the DHEA Supplement Can Help You Get Pregnant

Important Lifestyle Changes to Improve Sperm Count and Fertility

Why 30% of the World's Fertility Centers are Treating Women with the DHEA Supplement

Which Natural IVF Treatment Options Tend to be Most Effective?

Spending Time Outdoors and The Beneficial Effects on Fertility

Who is the Best OBGYN in New York City?

Parenting Advice to Help You Through Your Baby's First Year

Can Meditating Increase Your Chances of Becoming Pregnant

The 5 Top Ranked Baby Foods of 2015

Cesarean Awareness Month - Pregnancy Test Reviews

Plan for your future while earning money for now!

What To Do Before Starting a New IVF Cycle

Can Laughter Affect Fertility Levels? How Mood Affects Your Fertility

The Top 5 Places To Go Get Some Fresh Air In NYC

What Are The Benefits of PGD Testing?

Expert Advice on How To Cope With Male Infertility

How To Navigate Through Your Fertility Bills

Pamper Yourself - The Top 5 Benefits of a Prenatal Massage

Does Acupuncture Treatment Help Increase Your Fertility?

How To Properly Map Out the Expected Costs of Your Baby

How PGD is Removing Likelihood of Disease in IVF Babies

How to Properly Prepare for Your Upcoming Pregnancy

Advice From Same Sex Couples - Baby's First Year

Egg Freezing Parties are Becoming More Popular - What are they?

Why To Consider Egg Freezing Before Undergoing Chemotherapy Treatment

National Trisomy Awareness - How Genetic Testing Can Help Prevent Trisomy

National Nutrition Month: Weight and How it Affects Fertility

Truths about Egg Freezing: Part 3

National Trisomy Awareness - What is Genetic Screening?

National Endometriosis Month - What is Endometriosis?

Fees and Costs Associated With a Natural Cycle IVF Treatment

Truths about Egg Freezing: Part 2

Is It Really Safe to Run Tests on Cells Removed From The Embryo? - PGD Explained

Can DHEA Be Used in the Treatment of Sexual Function?

Which Natural Fertility Treatment is Most Successful

Sir Elton John Vs. Dolce & Gabanna

How Do DHEA Supplements Help Treat Infertility?

Truths About Egg Freezing: Part 1

What To Know About Egg Freezing When Planning For a Future Pregnancy

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) vs. Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)

Natural Fertility Treatments vs. Surgical Fertility Treatments

How To Properly Use an IVF Due Date Calculator

Is DHEA Safe For All Women Who Need Fertility Treatment?

Why Mini-IVF™ May Be The Best Option for Your Fertility Needs

Is PGD a Dangerous Procedure?

5 Benefits of Embryo Banking and Freezing

Best Egg Freezing Options in NYC

Which IVF Treatment Has The Fewest Health Risks

Which Types of Fertility Drugs Are Most Effective

Where is the Best Place in New York City To Donate Eggs

Common Costs Associated With Natural Fertility Treatments

The Best IVF Center in New York

How Effective is a Natural Cycle IVF

Which IVF Treatment is Best for Getting Pregnant After 40

Costs Associated With Receiving In-Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Find a Top Rated Fertility Center in the United States

Is it Appropriate to Freeze Your Eggs

Which IVF Drug has the Fewest Side Effects?

Embryo Freezing vs. Egg Freezing - Which is More Effective?

5 Steps to Prepare for a Successful Frozen Embryo Transfer

How DHEA is Helping Women Over 40 Conceive

The Top Fertility Specialists in New York City

Mini IVF Treatment vs. The Conventional IVF Treatment Option


Know Your Meds: The Importance of Being Prepared

Minimal Stimulation IVF Doctors and Success Rates


Find Reliable Natural IVF Cycles in NYC

Are IVF Procedures Always Successful


Where is There Affordable Fertility Care in Manhattan

Find a Doctor For an Eco IVF in NYC

Can I Freeze My Eggs If I Want To Get Pregnant in the Future

The Best IVF Clinic in NYC For Your Egg Donation

The Top 5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Fertility Clinic

Find Affordable Natural Fertility Treatments in New York City

Top Reviewed IVF NYC Surgeons

What Are The Most Successful Fertility Drugs

How Much is a Full IVF Cycle Going To Cost

Where is the Best Reviewed Fertility Center in NY

The Non Financial Costs of IVF - What Other Fertility Centers Leave Out

What Are The Common In Vitro Success Rates

Where are the Best Male Fertility Doctors in Manhattan

Common Minimal Stimulation IVF Protocol

POF Discussion Series: Treatment

Which IVF Drugs Are Most Common in In Vitro

When Should I Consider Freezing My Embryos

What To Consider Before Choosing Your Fertility Clinic

Why You Should Consider a Mini IVF if You're Over 40

Which NYC Clinic Has The Leading IVF Success Rates

Can I Donate Eggs if I Am a Smoker

How Do IVF Natural Cycles Work

Freezing Your Eggs Before Chemotherapy To Start Your Dream Family After Treatment

How To Decide if a Natural IVF is Right For You and Your Spouse

Choosing a NYC Fertility Center

The Benefits and Costs of Egg Freezing

Where is the Best Fertility Clinic in the United States

How Do I Know Which IVF Treatment is Right for Me?

Should I Become a Fertility Egg Donor: The Advantages of Being a Donor

Which Types of Fertility Drugs Are Most Effective

Minimal Stimulation IVF; The Hottest Trend in Womens Fertility

The Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Freezing Your Eggs

Reputable Fertility Center in NYC

IVF Treatments and IVF Financing in NYC

Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Stories and Success Rates

What Are The Social Reasons For Egg Freezing

Premature Ovary Failure Series

Find a Clinic For a Light IVF in New York City

Find The Best IVF Clinics in NYC For Women Under 40

How a Natural IVF Can Help Women With Low Egg Counts Get Pregnant

How to Decided Between a Normal or Natural IVF

Find Premier Fertility Specialists in Manhattan

Why You Should Consider Donating Eggs

Which Natural Fertility Treatment is Most Successful

Do You Recommend Acupuncture?

The Best Fertility Drug Comparison Online

Fertility Treatments For High FSH Levels

Does Getting Pregnant With Donor Eggs Really Work

When is a Good Time To Freeze Your Embryos

How Successful Are Fertility Centers

Natural IVF Cycle Process and Costs

How Egg Freezing Allows Women To Get Back To Work

Best Northeast Fertility Center

Will Insurance Cover My Infertility Costs

What You Could Be Doing Differently That Could Help You Conceive Faster

Why a Minimal Stimulation IVF Is a Great Option For Women Under 35

What is an Eco IVF

5 Things Your IVF Doctor May Not Be Telling You - We Are The Top Experts in NYC

Which NYC Fertility Clinic has the Highest Success Rates

What is a Light IVF and is it Right For You

Natural IVF vs. IVF Drugs

Calculating Your Ovulation So You Know When The Time is Right

What Are The Most Common Fertility Drugs

NYCs Top Fertility Doctors and Fertility Center

Freeze Your Eggs and Your Biological Clock

What Does the Average Fertility Specialist Cost NYC

Find IVF Clinical Trials

Learning About Motherhood at Egg Freezing Parties

The Mini-IVF™ Procedure and New Hope Fertility Success Stories

Is There a Best Age For Getting Pregnant

Which Fertility Drugs Contain HCG

IVF Cost - Is it Covered By Insurance

Are There Injectable IVF Medications Available

Top 5 Facts To Know That Could Make You an Eligible Egg Donor

Embryo Freezing Advantages and Disadvantages

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Fertility Center

Why A Natural IVF is Perfect For Women Who Prefer Less Medication

How Is Embryo Banking Successful

How Can I Do IVF if My Partner Has No Sperm

How Do I Know If I Need Help Getting Pregnant

Common Protocols for Minimal Stimulation in New York City

How To Qualify To Become an Egg Donor in NYC

Is Freezing Your Eggs Before Chemotherapy The Right Move

Want To Get Pregnant? Tell Your Husband To Avoid These 5 Proven Sperm Killers

Are Natural Fertility Treatments as Effective as Regular Treatments

Infertility Can Happen in Both Men and Women, Get Your Husband's Fertility Tested

Find The Top Egg Freezing Clinics in NYC

Is There an Age Limit on Egg Donation

How Can I Get My Male Fertility Levels Tested

A Note From Dr. Zhang on Trigger Time

Why Fresh Embryo Transfers Are Best For Natural IVF

How To Properly Use a Fertility Calculator To Calculate Due Date

Why Egg Freezing Must Be Done at a NYC Fertility Clinic

Donate Your Eggs Today and Change Someone Else's Life Forever

New Hope Fertility's Successful Eco-IVF Procedure

The Top 10 Suggestions For Couples Trying To Get Pregnant

What is a Light IVF

Does Donating Eggs Require a Background Check

Costs and Fees Associated With a Full IVF Cycle

We are Open Today!

The Benefits of Egg Freezing and The Egg Freezing Process

Trying To Conceive Is A Team Effort

How Much Will IVF Cost My Husband and I

It's Hard To Get Pregnant, Give Yourself A Break

NHFC is Open Today and Tomorrow during Winter Storm Juno

Where Can I Find an In Vitro Specialist

Don't Lose Hope - Natural IVF Can Help Older Women Get Pregnant

Top IVF Apps To Download

Top 8 Tips on Getting Pregnant - Fertility Experts Share Their Advice

What are the Differences Between a Mini IVF and a Natural IVF

Did Your First Attempt At Conceiving Not Go as Planned? Here are Tips to Improve the Odds of Conception

Encouraging Statistics When Trying To Conceive

Is Natural Fertility as Successful as Normal Fertility

Improving Fertility and Getting Pregnant Naturally After The Age of 40

What is The Best Age For a Woman To Get Pregnant?

A Note to New Hope Outside Monitor Patients From Dr. Zhang

Which IVF Drugs are the Safest To Take?

A Note From Dr. Zhang to Women Interested in Egg Freezing

Tips For Managing Your Stress and Anxiety During Your Pregnancy

Tips For Improving The Odds Of Conception

What is Vitrification

Light IVF Treatment Doctors and Success Stories

Where Can I Freeze My Eggs in NYC

What To Know Before Choosing a Fertility Center

Find Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Stories

Affordable and Low Cost IVF Treatment Options in New York

What Is The Best Age For A Women To Get Pregnant

Note to New Hope Fertility Patients

A Message from Dr. Zhang

Preconception Tips For Couples Trying To Get Pregnant

Freezing Your Eggs or Using a Surrogate - Which is Right For You?

What Fees Are Associated With The Egg Freezing Procedure?

Alcohol and It's Effect on Fertility

How To Determine The Best Age To Get Pregnant

Do High FSH Levels Mean Low Fertility

Get Tax Credits On Infertility Treatments

How a Mini IVF Can Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant Can Take A Long Time - Never Give Up Hope

Guidance After A Fertility Cycle Has Failed

Is Donating Eggs Dangerous For the Donor

6 Things To Know Before Visiting Your Fertility Doctor

Find Success Stories of Frozen Embryo Transfers

Having Trouble Ovulating - You Are Not Alone

The Top 8 Tips To Help You Through Your First Pregnancy

Why Others Have Frozen Their Eggs and Why You Should Too

A Natural IVF vs A Standard IVF

Can Stress Decrease Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant?

Time-Lapse Monitoring and Its Affect on The Future of IVF

When Should I Consider a Natural Cycle IVF

Tips For Staying Calm While Trying To Have A Baby

Trying To Get Pregnant? Avoid These 5 Known Semen Killers

Sample IVF Cycles

What Your Husband Can Be Doing For You To Help Improve Your Fertility

Infertility Causing You Stress? Try These 10 Coping Mechanisms

Why Women Are Putting Their Career Over Having Children

Femara vs Clomid - What's The Difference?

Want To Make A Baby Now? Read These Important Tips

6 Things To Consider When Selecting a Fertility Center in NYC

Success Stories of Minimal Stimulation IVF in NYC

Fertility After Cancer, We Can Help

I'm Pregnant, Now What?

Why Couples Are Now Turning To The Internet To Find The Right Fertility Doctor

What Are The Usual In Vitro Success Rates

Will I Be Compensated When I Donate My Eggs

What is Time-Lapse Monitoring?

Will IVF Costs Ever Be Covered By Insurance

What Is The Average Cost For a Woman To Freeze Her Eggs?

Where is The Best IVF Doctor In NYC?

How To Use Your Ovulation Calendar Properly

What Are The Differences Between Common Fertility Drugs

How Do I Treat High Levels of FSH

When is the Best Time To Get Pregnant

Athletics and Infertility, Can You Be Too Fit To Get Pregnant?

Will I Be Compensated When I Donate My Eggs

Does Beer Affect Men's Fertility? The Answer May Surprise You

How To Determine If a Natural Cycle IVF is Right For You

Freezing Eggs Now, To Start a Family Later

Does Exercising Help Increase Fertility

Find IVF Treatment For Women With Irregular Menstrual Cycles

What Low FSH Levels Mean For Your Fertility

What is a Hysteroscopy

The Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Egg Freezing

How Time Lapse Technology is Improving Embryo Selection

Get Pregnant With Donor Eggs

Do I Have To Be Healthy To Freeze My Eggs

What Do Treatment Options For Poor Responders Cost?

Fertility Center NYC - How New Hope's Unique Approach Is Changing People's Lives

FSH Levels and The Effect On Fertility

What Are The Expected Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Rates ?

Where is The Top Rated IVF Center in America?

How Mini IVFs Are Increasing Poor Responders Chances of Getting Pregnant

Explaining The Egg Freezing Process and Related Pricing

Getting Pregnant With High FSH Levels

Which Natural Fertility Treatment Options Are Most Effective?

Common Fertility Drug Options and Associated Costs

Poor Responder Success Rates vs. Normal IVF Success Rates

What Are The Common Success Rates For Poor IVF Responders?

Short Luteal Phase

Join Us for a Brief PGD Policy Orientation

Our Doors Are Always Open!!

Concerned About Freezing Your Eggs? Join an Egg Freezing Party

Visit New Hope Fertility Center Today To Start Planning Your Future

Differences among Different IVF Protocols for Controlled Ovary Hyperstimulation

Wine and a Casual Conversation with Doctors and your Girlfriends!

Pseduopregnancy and Ovary Stimulation in Poor Responders

When is The Best Time To Freeze Your Eggs

Did You Know We Produce the Highest Pregnancy Rate?

Is There an Age Limit For Egg Freezing

Why Do Women Freeze Their Eggs?

Find Affordable Egg Freezing Programs in New York City

Acupuncture for Infertility: How Does It Work?

Is Egg Freezing Guaranteed to Work

IVF, One Or Two Embryos?

Common Fees Associated With Freezing Your Eggs

Top In Vitro Treatment Options - World Renowned Fertility Center

Is Egg Retrieval Going To Be Painful?

What is The Best Age To Try To Get Pregnant

Why Foreigners Are Coming To The US For Fertility Treatments

Natural Cycle IVF vs Conventional IVF

The Best IVF App For Infertility

I Am Having Trouble Getting Pregnant

Can Synarel Nasal Spray Really Treat Infertility

IVF, One Or Two Embryos?

Athletics and Infertility, Can You Be Too Fit To Get Pregnant?

Natural Cycle IVF Success Rates and Stories

I'm Pregnant, Now What?

How Does Synarel Nasal Spray Work

Are Infertility Treatments Covered By Insurance

What Occurs During Egg Retrieval

Deciding When To Freeze Your Eggs

Does Freezing Your Eggs Always Work

Join us for our Egg Freezing, Acupuncture and Nutrition Event!

What Are The Best Natural Fertility Treatments

The Cost of Egg Freezing - When Should You Freeze Your Eggs?

Are Fertility Treatments Covered By Insurance

CGH and Embryoscope at New Hope Fertility Center

Egg Freezing Over 40 - Is It Possible?

Freezing Your Eggs in 2014

NHFC and Women's Health Magazine

Top Egg Freezing Clinics in NYC

What Are My Chances Of Success With IVF

How Much Do Fertility Treatments Cost

We Are Open All Summer Long!

Check Out Our Doctors and NHFC Being Featured on WJXT4 News

How Natural IVF is Giving Women a Chance To Get Pregnant

Natural IVF or Minimal Stimulation - Which is Right For You

Tips on Trying To Get Pregnant After Stopping Birth Control

Top IVF Egg Freezing Success Rates

Now That A High Rate of Women Are Freezing Their Eggs, Should You?

Freezing Women's Eggs NYC

What Makes New Hope Fertility the Best in NYC?

Can I Donate Eggs If I Am on Birth Control?

How Do I Find Help Conceiving?

What is an In-Vitro Pregnancy?

Will IVF Cause Birth Defects?

Single Embryo Transfers Reduce Health Risks

Does Artificial Insemination Work?

Is There an Age Cut Off for IVF at New Hope Fertility Center?

Are Egg Donors Compensated?

Find Top NYC Fertility Care

Common Problems Associated With Fertility Drugs

What Prevents Me From Producing Eggs?

IVF New York Reviews

Find Most Reliable Fertility Doctor in NYC

My Partner Has No Sperm, Can I Do IVF?

Most Trusted Fertility Center in NYC

Mini IVF vs Conventional IVF

Can IVF Prevent Miscarriages?

In Vitro Success Rates

What is Synarel Nasal Spray Used For?

Where is the Best NYC Fertility Center?

How Can I Get Pregnant With Twins?

Top 10 Facts on How to Get Pregnant

Compensated Surrogacy Soon To Be Legal in New York

Single Embryo Transfers: Safer IVF and Happier Couples

What is the Difference Between a Natural IVF and a Mini IVF?

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