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The IVF Fertility Blog

Getting Pregnant a Second Time Around: IUI or IVF

Reciprocal IVF & Lesbian Family Planning

IVF Costs Are No Longer Prohibitive When Hope Finds a Way

IVF Can Help You Overcome Fallopian Tube Obstruction

Tonight! Free Egg Freezing & Endometriosis Informative Social

Complimentary Video/Tele Initial Consultation for At-HOME IVF – a Coronavirus Safety Zone

IVF is the Preferred Fertility Treatment Post-IUI Failures

Support Organizations Helping Black Women Cope With Infertility

2020’s National Patient Safety Awareness Week

Nourish Your Body for IVF as Told by Our Patient Jennifer K.

Free Fertility 101 Presentation + Q&A & IVF Cycle Raffle – March 19th

IVF is the Best Treatment for PCOS

FREE Egg Freezing & Endometriosis Informative Social Thursday March 12th

Coronavirus Patient Protection Strategy During Fertility Treatment

How to Relieve Your IVF Fatigue

2020’s National Nutrition Awareness Month of March

How Endometriosis is Diagnosed & Treated

2020’s National Endometriosis Awareness Month of March

Dr. John Zhang’s Fertility Essentials Q & A Luncheon Today @ 11:30 a.m.

How Birth Control Affects Your Future Fertility

Free Informative Fertility For Her Social Wednesday March 25th

How Alcohol & Marijuana Consumption Affects Your Fertility

Why Painless Needle-Free IVF is the Future of Fertility Treatment

How to Manage Politically-Induced Stress During Fertility Treatment

At-HOME IVF Pros and Cons

A Glowing Review of Dr. Jennifer Kulp-Makarov and Mini-IVF™ Success

Dr. John Zhang’s Fertility Essentials Q & A Luncheon on February 29th

Recent Facts About Coronavirus Exposure and Fertility

You’re Invited to Our Free Egg Freezing & Endometriosis Social on March 12th

Kick Start Your Fertility Treatment With the Best Prenatal Vitamin

Simple Tips to Increase Male Fertility

Today’s Millennial Workers Are Being Offered Fertility Benefits

Uterine Fibroid Tumors Hit the Fertility of Black Females Hardest

A Successful Egg Freezing Cycle Testimonial by New Hope Patient Jessica T

How Ozone Sauna Therapy Supports Fertility Treatment

Tonight! Free Egg Freezing Wine & Piano Social at New Hope

Why New York’s FAFTA Mandate Should Cover the Cost of Your IVF

Cutting-Edge Embryo Grading Technology – The EmbryoScope

Fertility Essentials Q & A Luncheon at New Hope

2020’s Report on New Hope’s IVF and FET Pregnancy Success Rates

A New Hope Needle-Free IVF Patient Testimonial from the Man’s Perspective

2020’s Best IVF Financing Tools and NY’s FAFTA Insurance Coverage

New Hope’s Free Egg Freezing Wine & Piano Social Thursday February 13th

Let Nature and IVF Technology Help You Produce Quality Eggs

Is Your Egg Freezing Cost Covered by New York’s FAFTA Mandate?

Reduce Your Stress With New Hope’s In-House Fertility Counseling

Your Bad Mood May Be Keeping You From Getting Pregnant

A New Hope At-HOME IVF Patient Testimonial

FAFTA: Does Your Large-Group Insurance Provider Cover the Cost of Egg Freezing?

You’re Invited to Tonight’s Free Ovarian Rejuvenation Social

Discover a Streamlined Approach to Fertility Treatment

Where to Find Cutting-Edge NICS Genetic Testing

FAFTA – Fertility Health Care Insurance Coverage Mandate in New York

I’m Pregnant After 39 Thanks to New Hope’s Mini-IVF™ Success

How High Quality Eggs Are Produced Using Holistic IVF Protocols

New Hope’s Outstanding Performance of IVF Treatment in NYC

New Hope's Mini-IVF™ Has Made a Breakthrough in Fertility Treatment

It’s Time to Celebrate a New Generation of Fertility Health Care Insurance Coverage

FAFTA – Fertility Health Care Insurance Coverage Mandate in New York

Common Infertility Signals Women Must Not Ignore

The History of Egg Freezing and Dr. Zhang’s Contributions

Why High Quantity Egg Production Reduces the Quality of an IVF Egg Freezing Cycle

How Mike & Jenny Overcame Secondary Infertility

FAFTA: Is IVF Cost Coverage Mandated When You’ve Had Prior Failed Cycles?

FAFTA: Is Your Egg Freezing Cost Covered by Medical Insurance?

Free Egg Freezing Wine & Piano Social Tonight @ 6:30 p.m.

FAFTA: Patients Should Have a Fertility Treatment Plan Prior to Submitting a Claim

Today is New Hope’s 784 Park Avenue Clinic Grand Re-Opening!

2020's Best IVF Financing and Insurance Coverage in New York

What is Outcome-Based IVF SURE™ Financing?

2020’s Best At-HOME IVF in the U.S.

What You Need to Know About New York’s Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act – FAFTA

Join Our Free Ovarian Rejuvenation Social Thursday January 30th

Compassionate LGBTQ Family Planning Options in NYC

New Hope's Needle-Free IVF is the Future

Free Egg Freezing Social Served With Wine On January 15th @ The New Hope Piano Lounge

Spread National Awareness About Preventable Birth Defects

Why New Hope Promotes National Folic Acid Awareness Week

Why You Should Consider New Year Fertility Counseling in 2020

Your 2020 To Do List Covering Future Fertility

A 2020 Care Package for Your Fertility Health

How to Kick Start Your Fertility Health in the New Year 2020

2020 is All About New Year At-HOME IVF Treatment

2020's Go To Fertility Clinic for New Needle-Free IVF

What are the Benefits of NICS Methodology With IVF?

How Donna C. Got Pregnant at 42 With Our Customized IVF

Older Women 38+ May Safely Conceive a Baby When  Hope Finds A Way

Say NO to Alcohol – It’s Not Your Holiday Fertility Cheer-Up

Merry Christmas! FREE Wine Piano & Egg Freezing Social January 15th

Avoidable Holiday Social Question – “When Are You Getting Pregnant?”

Don’t Let Infertility Stress You Out During the Holiday Season

Make Fertility Counseling a Priority This Holiday Season

How Our Mini-IVF™ Helped 43 Year-Old Sara H. Get Pregnant

How Acupuncture Can Increase Your IVF Pregnancy Success

Where to Go For a Broad Spectrum of IVF Treatment

How Our Holistic IVF Protocols Produce High Quality Eggs

Find Consistent Improvement of Fertility Patient Service in NYC

Where to Find Cutting-Edge At-HOME IVF

Discover a New & Streamlined Approach to IVF Treatment

How Ozone Sauna Therapy Helps Fertility Treatment

Why You Should Check on Your Fertility Every Year

Are You Suffering From Secondary Infertility?

What is the Best Miscarriage Prevention Treatment?

FREE Wine Cheese & Egg Freezing Social on December 12th!

What All Women Must Know About Their Fertility

How Vaping Negatively Affects Your Egg Quality

How Holiday Alcohol Consumption Affects Your Fertility

Holiday Season Food Strategy to Increase Your Fertility

Why Fertility Counseling During the Holiday Season is Important

Coping With Infertility During the Holiday Season

Hidden Infertility Signals Women Should Know

Parents Magazine Recognizes the Success of Needle-Free IVF

How At-HOME IVF Treatment Can Help You Get Pregnant

How World Class Mini-IVF™ Can Help You Get Pregnant

How to Find Needle-Free IVF in NYC

It’s Easy to Choose the Sex of Your Baby Using Gender Selection

How PGS/NGS Can Help You Have a Baby

How to Learn About Egg Freezing By Attending Our Upcoming Events

Freeze Your Ovarian Tissue and Preserve Your Fertility

Fertility Tips to Help You Get Pregnant

Increased IVF & FET Pregnancy Success Rates Using NICS Technology

How Fertility Counseling Increases IVF Success Rates

How the EmbryoScope Increases IVF Pregnancy Success

Transferring Frozen Embryos for IVF Pregnancy Success

The Best Clinic in NYC for Needle-Free IVF

Why Young Women Should Attend Egg Freezing Social Events

How Our Mini-IVF™ Can Help You Get Pregnant

Key Nutrients in Foods to Boost Sperm Health

How ICSI Treats Male-Factor Infertility

How Our Natural Cycle IVF™ Can Help You Have a Baby

Acupuncture May Increase Your Chance of Pregnancy

You Can Adopt Frozen Embryos to Help You Have a Baby

We Promote Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness

Choose the Sex of Your Baby Using Gender Selection Technology

Compassionate and Trusted LGBTQ Fertility Treatment in NYC

Why Fertility Counseling is Key to IVF Success

Where to Go for Painless Needle-Free IVF in NYC

We Promote Fertility Food Safety Awareness in September

What You Need to Know About Sexuality Health and Fertility

Try This Smoothie Recipe to Help Boost Your Fertility

We Promote Sexual Health Awareness Week in September

How to Reduce Your Cost and Discomfort With Our Mini-IVF™

We Promote Yoga for Fertility Awareness in September

We Promote Ovarian Cancer Awareness in September

Try These Super Foods to Help Boost Your Fertility

We Promote PCOS Awareness in September

How Our New Natural Cycle IVF™ Works

Why You Should Freeze Your Eggs This Summer

Increase Your Chance of Pregnancy this Summer with Acupuncture

Summer Snack Recipes to Help Boost Fertility

Summer Recipes to Help Boost Fertility

Where to go in NYC for High IVF Pregnancy Success Using Frozen Embryos

How to Preserve Fertility by Freezing Your Ovarian Tissue

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

How the Innovative EmbryoScope Increases IVF Pregnancy Success

How the Mini-IVF™ Can Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy Success

Read About How Our New Painless Needle-Free IVF Works

Sex and Fertility Tips & Tricks

August 3rd is National Twins Day!

Where to go for Fertility Counseling in NYC

Why It’s Important to Support Friends Going Through IVF

Fertility Counseling Awareness

Summer Breakfast Recipes to Help Boost Fertility

Summer Outdoor Activities to Help Boost Fertility

August is National Breastfeeding Month

How Ovarian Rejuvenation Helps Women – 38 to 42 – Conceive

How to Find IVF Treatment From a Multidisciplinary Fertility Team

Where to Find Trusted LGBTQ Fertility Treatment in NYC

How Our Mini-IVF™ Reduces Patient Cost and Discomfort

Celebrate National Parents’ Day on Sunday July 28th!

Where to Find a Fertility Clinic Specializing in Low and No Drug IVF

How Acupuncture Can Increase Your Chance of Pregnancy

How to Become Well-Informed About Egg Freezing

Complete Specimen Safety in NYC Blackout

Needle-Free IVF Compared to Other IVF Protocols

How Fertility Preservation Helps in Family Planning

How You Can Choose the Sexes of Your Children Using Gender Selection

How PGS/NGS Technology Can Up Your Chances of IVF Pregnancy Success

Cord Blood Awareness Month is Celebrated in July

Join the 2019 Egg Freezing Trend by Attending Our Upcoming Events

Babies Conceived by Natural Cycle IVF™ Have a Reduced Risk of Low Birth Weight

How a Multidisciplinary Approach to IVF Treatment Works

Where To Go for Trusted LGBTQ Fertility Treatment in NYC

How Patient Pain and Cost are Reduced Using Needle-Free IVF

How Male-Factor Infertility is Successfully Treated Using ICSI Technology

How a Man Can Increase His Chances of Conceiving With Fertility Counseling

How HRSS Enhances the Treatment of Male-Factor Infertility

Lifestyle Changes That Boost Male Fertility

This Week is Devoted Men’s Health Awareness

How to Find High IVF Pregnancy Success Rates in NYC

Where to Find First Class Mini-IVF™ Technology in NYC

Know Your Fertility Preservation Options

The Most Trusted LGBTQ Fertility Treatment Clinic

New and Innovative Treatment for Thin Uterine Lining

Fertility Medication Administration Expertise

How to Choose a Fertility Clinic by Reading Pregnancy Success Rates

How Women’s Health Benefits from Needle-Free IVF

How Women’s Health is Improved with a Fertility Diet

How Women’s Fertility Health is Improved with Quality Sleep

How Women’s Fertility Health is Improved by Acupuncture

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