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What is AMH - The Role of AMH in Egg Freezing

A woman’s hormone levels play a large role in her fertility. As advances in the industry of assisted reproduction continue to allow a greater understanding of how the hormones work together, new hormones are being shown to have a larger role in fertility levels. Recent research continues to affirm the belief that AMH, anti-Mullerian hormone, is the best way to know a woman’s ovarian reserve. Therefore, a woman’s AMH and egg freezing qualification go hand-in-hand.

AMH Level falls with age

AMH is a hormone that is produced by the immature follicles that are on the outer layer of the ovaries. The greater the number of remaining follicles, the larger the amount of AMH that can be found in a woman’s system. Girls are born with all of the eggs they will ever have. Because of this, AMH is highest when a woman is younger. AMH levels fall as a woman ages. By the time a woman is in menopause, AMH can no longer be detected in a woman’s blood work because there are no follicles remaining to produce the hormone.

AMH and Egg Freezing Testing  egg freezing

Before a woman can begin an egg freezing cycle, blood work must be done to determine if she is well suited for the procedure. Unlike other hormones that have levels that change with a woman’s cycle, the AMH level is constant. This means that the test does not have to wait until day three of a woman’s cycle like other diagnostic tests. AMH testing is usually done along with other tests that provide a wealth of information on the quantity and quality of a woman’s egg reserve.

AMH and egg freezing

The results of a woman’s AMH levels are used in tandem with other indicators to determine if a woman’s egg reserve allow her to be a candidate for egg freezing. Additionally, the level can be used with other indicators as a way to predict how a woman’s body will react to fertility medication.

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