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Are Natural Fertility Treatments as Effective as Regular Treatments

Natural fertility treatments are growing in popularity.  Women who were previously ineligible for fertility care using traditional methods have found natural fertility treatments to be the perfect way for them to start a family.   2015-20

New Hope Fertility Center is on the cutting edge of fertility medication.  By customizing fertility treatment to each woman’s specific needs, the team at New Hope is able to have high success rates while using little to no fertility medication.

A natural IVF cycle uses no fertility medication.  By closely monitoring a woman’s natural cycle, the team at New Hope is able to harvest the one egg her body produces naturally.  That egg is then fertilized and transferred back during the same cycle as a natural transfer.  There are several advantages to a natural IVF cycle:

  • No discomfort or side effects due to fertility medication
  • A healthier egg is produced that is better suited for fertilization and a healthy pregnancy
  • Natural fertility treatments can be performed on women who are unlikely to respond to fertility medication or who are unable to produce multiple eggs during a cycle
  • Natural IVF is an excellent option for women over 35

The advantages of a natural IVF cycle are not gained at the expense of success.  Natural IVF treatments have success rates that rival traditional IVF treatment.  When reviewing success rates it is important to understand what those rates reflect.  Typically, success rates are calculated on traditional IVF treatment when patients are viewed as being well suited for treatment.  If your situation is different, published success rates may not align with your specific needs.

In order to compare success rates of traditional and natural IVF protocols, you must look at similar data.  On average, traditional IVF protocols transfer 2.2 embryos per cycle.  On average, natural IVF cycles transfer 1.1 embryos per cycle.  If you compare rates for every 2.2 embryos transferred:

  • Traditional IVF has a live birth rate of 40.1 percent nationwide for every 2.2 embryos transferred
  • New Hope’s Natural IVF protocol has a live birth rate of 70 percent for every 2.2 embryos transferred

For additional information on the natural fertility treatments provided at New Hope, contact them today.  Please click the link below to enter your information and New Hope will contact you.  You can also reach them at 212-517-7676. Thank You.


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