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At-HOME IVF Pros and Cons

At Home Asian CoupleOur revolutionary At-HOME IVF allows women to produce eggs in the comfort of their home by using a customized IVF kit we design and have delivered to their door. The IVF kit can also be picked up at our 4 Columbus Circle, NYC fertility center. We ship our At-HOME IVF kits globally. This package includes all necessary medications and equipment needed to complete an IVF cycle at home. Patients only need to come to our fertility center in NYC one time for their egg retrieval procedure.

Appeal of At-HOME IVF

  • Zero injections of fertility medications
  • Significant lower IVF treatment cost than Conventional IVF
  • Hassle-free with less time off from work needed for IVF treatment
  • Cuts out the stressful commute to and from our NYC fertility center
  • A patient-empowering IVF treatment option

Contents of an At-HOME IVF Kit

  • Instruction card
  • Color-coded individual packets with oral and vaginal fertility medications numbered daily
  • A nasal spray used on day 12 and 13 to trigger ovulation
  • An ovulation testing kit with test strips
  • On day 14 – the patient leaves home and arrives at our NYC fertility center for egg retrieval

Pros of At-HOME IVF

No need to go to the physician’s office for monitoring, for blood work, or for ultrasounds, explains Dr. Zaher Merhi to parents.com. The woman will only go to the office on the day of the procedure, the egg retrieval. This translates into a tremendous advantage for the woman. She will have much less stress, no concerns about making and keeping appointments at the doctor's office, for women who already have a child there is no need to get a babysitter, and no worries about losing time from work.

Cons of At-HOME IVF

  • Possibility of human error without a built-in contingency plan
  • Patients have to be hyper-vigilant
  • Patients have to be motivated to adhere to strict protocols

Wherever you live in the United States or Worldwide, take comfort in knowing that you can get pregnant in the comfort of your own home with our cutting-edge At-HOME IVF protocol.

Candidates for At-HOME IVF

  • Women with regular menstrual cycles – regardless of age
  • Women diagnosed with PCOS having irregular menstrual cycles

At-HOME Fertility Medications

Depending on the woman’s medical needs, an oral fertility medication – typically Clomid and/or Letrozole – is prescribed to gently stimulate her ovaries into producing multiple eggs. Synarel  or Leuprolide is administered nasally for 3 days at the beginning of the cycle and then again 36 hours prior to surgical egg retrieval to trigger ovulation.

  • Clomid and/or Femara to stimulate egg production
  • Synarel or Leuprolide to trigger ovulation
  • Oral progesterone tablets
  • Vaginal progesterone suppositories

At-HOME IVF Expertise

It is important to work with At-HOME IVF Experts having the cutting-edge technology and clinical experience required to design a customized At-HOME IVF treatment plan meeting your personal needs. To schedule your initial consultation at New Hope Fertility Center – click the icon below – or call 212.969.7422.

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