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4 Necessities for Babies as the Weather Gets Colder

Father-Baby.pngWinter weather means warmer clothes and turning up the heat. For babies, winter months require extra planning to ensure that babies are kept warm but not too hot. When you and your baby head outdoors during the winter months it is important to be prepared. The list of the key winter necessities for babies below can help to ensure you’re ready for the colder temperatures.

Warm Outerwear

If you’ll be outdoors, a snow suit can help to protect your baby from cold weather. A snow suit should be worn on top of the baby’s regular clothes. However, it is important to ensure that the baby is not overheated. If the baby is sweating or has a heat rash, they may be dressed too warmly. For quick jaunts from the house to a warmed car, a car seat cover and a warm blanket can provide the added protection

The greatest heat loss in the body can occur through a baby’s head. Additionally, a baby’s hands can quickly become chilled. Keeping a hat and mittens on your baby while in cool weather can help to protect them from becoming too cold. Once you’ve returned inside, remove these items so your baby does not become overheated.


As a general rule, your baby should wear one layer more than what you need to feel comfortable. Sweaters can provide a layer of warmth on top of existing clothing. A sweater with buttons can easily be added or removed based upon the temperature.


Dry air indoors can be taxing on a baby’s delicate skin. Use lotions that are specially created for the needs of a baby’s skins. Natural ingredients like coconut oil can provide needed moisture without harsh chemicals. Reapply as needed during the day taking care to pay special attention to any skin that was exposed directly to the elements.


Humidifiers work by adding moisture back into the air. Dry air can chap a baby’s skin and dry out a baby’s nasal passages. Running a humidifier in the baby’s room is a great idea, but be sure that the humidifier is away from the baby’s crib. Using a cold mist humidifier can also avoid the potential of scalding.

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