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5 Benefits of Embryo Banking and Freezing

Many women are familiar with the tick of their biological clock.  It is widely understood that a woman’s fertility begins to decline as she ages.  Women are born with their full egg reserve.  As they get older, the quality of the remaining eggs naturally decreases.  The decline in egg quality is the root cause for many infertility issues for women over 35.  Fertility preservation directly addresses this issue, allowing women to follow their dreams without worrying about their biological clock.

Fertility preservation can be done via egg or embryo banking.  The process for retrieval is the same for both protocols.  The difference is, embryos are fertilized before they are stored.  This is ideal for women in committed relationships or who are concerned about genetic diseases. 

Five benefits of fertility preservation


  • Reliability – Fertility preservation is no longer an experimental procedure.  The process is now widely accepted due to the introduction of the freezing method vitrification.  Vitrification virtually eliminates the chance of an egg or embryo being damaged by ice crystals.  This results in a survival rate for the freezing and thawing process of 98 percent.
  • Enhanced Quality – The younger a woman is when her eggs are retrieved, the better the egg quality.  Having access to high quality eggs leads to becoming pregnant in fewer cycles and a decreased chance of miscarriage due to chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Career Focus – Women continue to achieve new heights professionally.  Through fertility preservation, women are able to pursue their career goals without worrying that they are sacrificing their ability to have children in the future.
  • No Negative Effects on Fertility – Women can feel confident knowing that fertility preservation does not impact their future fertility. 
  • Set Your Own Schedule – Women should feel comfortable starting a family on their own time line.  Fertility preservation gives women the freedom to choose the time line that works best for their needs.

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